Vodafone is a world renowned telecommunications operator, headquartered in London and has its office, registered in Newbury, Berkshire. The company is ranked fifth in terms of revenue. Vodafone provides Communication and IT services to over 150 countries. Vodafone has a huge hold in Asia and in India with its head office in Mumbai. Vodafone in 2005 announced a 10 percent stake in the telecommunications company known as Airtel.

Another good thing about Vodafone is the Vodafone foundation, which is a charity organization established by Vodafone, aimed at using mobile technology for the betterment of the underprivileged. It often works in collaboration with other charities. Here are some examples of their initiatives.

  • Safe taxi system
  • Learning with Vodafone

And many more services.


Vodafone is offering exciting SIM-only deals that grant you greater flexibility and provides you with more control over your data usage.

Here’s why you need to buy a SIM-only deal:

Vodafone SIM only deals have many benefits. If you are involved with a pay-monthly contract and it has expired, you can reduce the costs significantly by switching to a SIM-only deal, as you wait for the ideal Smartphone. Or if you have no problems with your existing phone, you can still use it for the flexibility it has to offer. You can opt for 30-day SIM contracts which expire after a period of 30 days. Whether you want to upgrade or stick with it, it’s totally up to you.

12-month contracts have a great value which includes 4G data, calls, and texts, and start at just 9.50 pounds per month. You can always switch to a pay-monthly after 3 months of using the SIM-only deal.

Vodafone offers many exciting bundles depending on your area of usage.

Depending on how you use your phone, the bundles are categorized in the following manner:

For call, texts and email

  1. 250mb Standard Bundle
  2. 500mb Standard Bundle
  3. 1gb Standard Bundle

For emails, social media and the web


  1. 1gb Standard Bundle
  2. 5gb Standard Bundle
  3. 2gb Red Bundle

And finally, for the web, social media, music and video

  1. 8gb Red Bundle
  2. 12gb Red Bundle
  3. 20gb Red Bundle

You can choose your agreement for a 12-month, 30-days or pay as you go, whatever you deem, is convenient for you.

Upon buying your SIM-only deal, you get two months of free 4G data letting you surf the web, browse and download unlimited content!

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