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We are living in times when human beings have nothing but hatred and jealousy for each other where everyone is engaged in backstabbing for the most innocuous of excuses simply to gain the upper hand and move up the social ladder in order to achieve success in life.

The current times are such that it has become difficult to trust anybody, even your near and dear ones as can be seen in the newspapers where there is a property dispute or honor killing every other day.

When it comes to hatred, nothing can be as strong and hard hitting as business rivalries where two or more companies battle it out due to cut throat competition in the market and forever engage in one-upmanship in a bid to establish supremacy, which continues for many generations altogether.


Sometimes, it is better to forget old rivalries and let bygones be bygones as life is too short for such futile things and blind hatred with jealousy added to the mixture can only lead to destruction.

Therefore, you can make the first move for making amends by gifting clients and customers with presents even if they are from the rival camp where this site called is an excellent e-retailer platform where you can purchase corporate gifts for colleagues.

When it comes to gifts, there are many things that can be brought from this site like branded perfume or Bourbon whisky that is quite a popular choice for presents and classified as firmameened.

Another popular product from Corporate gift is spicy shaving kit that men are extremely fond of and it is available at an affordable price while the women can be gifted with colored nail polish and branded handbags apart from a full makeup kit that they aspire to have more than anything.

The perfume has derived its name from the Latin word for a smoke. The perfume was used to produce odoriferous smoke in ancient religious ceremonies. Burning herbs exacted the perfume, typically aromatic gums, and myrrh. Early cultures of humanity learned that certain oils extracted from plants could enhance to feel and smell of the skin.

The production of perfumes began that the time of the Mesopotamian civilization. Simultaneously interest in aromatic oils increased, and people wanted an attractive package for the repository of the hard to get scented oils. Egyptians, who invented the glass, began using glass as the packaging for perfume. The glass perfume bottle has been around thousands of years.

It was not until the 1900s that perfume designers began to categorize perfume by scent. Originally, the classes of scents described the strength of a specific perfume formulation. In the 1900 scent producers, began to systematize perfume by classification of odors. These categories were initially used to describe the peculiar hue of a strong scent, but over time have expanded and developed to allow perfumers to make even more specific descriptions of scent formulation. The earliest classes were unique and included the smell of the cardinal families of scents.

There were only floral names to describe scents in early perfume. For example, roses or lilies of the valley had their own class. A perfume that was a combination of floral scents classified as a floral bouquet as if no specific flower dominated the scent.

The next level of classification was to describe the character of the scent, such as sweet or musky. Other perfumes were associated with smells such as honey and snuff. Popular scents at the time for both sexes were lavender.

During the world war, two new classes of scents made the way into lady’s perfumes. Light floral had a class of their own. Citrus scents and spicy scents began to be seen as separate classes not just add-ins to floral scents.

In 1983 the scent wheel was invented to describe the scent of perfume formulas on three levels. The predominant scent being the first note categorized. The next strength of the dominant scent is the next and so on. Notes are used to describe a scent in a mixed perfume to show that, like music, the scent notes must blend to create a beautiful end product.

Today new notes are being added all the time they include refinements of the notes of new perfume formulations, like middle eastern floral and various levels of woody scents. Oriental floral scents are different from Middle Eastern floral scents and so a new class of notes was called for.

Women who fall in love with a certain scent may find that the scent changes when they wear it over time. The foods we eat, medication we take, and hormonal changes all affect the underlying body order that blends with the perfume we wear. We each have our own unique body chemistry. It changes with the environment and age. Sometimes the changes are temporary, and we need to stop using our favorite scent for a short time. The garlic you eat last night will not be changing the scent of your perfume three days hereafter.

Menopause is a different matter. You may want to venture into this new phase of life with a new favorite scent. Experiment and you will find a new one that reacts well with your changing body chemistry. Remember when you add a scented lotion or body power to your bath routine and then apply your perfume; you may change the ‘notes’ of the perfume.

The addition of the new fragrances from your bath products changes how your favorite scent smells when you wear it. This is why many women buy sets of body scents that match the perfume they wear. If you are bold add a scent like a peppermint on top of your light floral scent. You may be pleasantly surprised by the new creation of notes you have come up with without changing your regular perfume.

So… the other night was a normal night… just like any other night.

Husband… long gone to his graveyard shift.

Kids… Tucked away, dreaming about me bitching in their general directions….

Me… Enjoying my “me” time … sitting in bed, painting my toenails and watching the CPL live streaming 2020

So, I finished my painting and sprawled out on my bed… eagerly taking in my 2nd hour of Degrassi goodness… It had been a good night, I had gotten to watch Cheaters and TMZ …. and now hours upon hours of Degrassi lay ahead.

As the youngsters arrived at the beach, I noticed that along with the sounds of waves and teenage chatter there was also the hum of cricket in the background… A somewhat high-pitched annoying cricket chirp-hum type thing.

I mumbled my displeasure towards the show’s sound techs and turned the volume down… Didn’t want to wake the kids and spoil Kim-time2008… The waves and chit-chat slowly faded away… and the hum-chirp got louder…


Glancing around my room I suddenly came to the horrible realization… These were NOT the hum-chirp sounds of any FAKE cricket….. Oh, NO!!!! This was a REAL cricket… AND it was hanging out IN MY FREAKING ROOM WITH ME!!!

At this point, the hum-chirp was almost shrill in pitch and my head was beginning to spin… I got off the bed and headed to the door….. not really sure WHY…. I think I was going to the bathroom to cry in a corner and hide away from any evil high pitched crickets that had decided I needed a room-mate.

As I reached to open my bedroom door the cricket flung itself from it’s hiding spot and ricocheted off all 4 walls about 7 times. I just stood there with my hands somewhat blocking my face…. wide-eyed as it torpedoed around my room. It finally came to a stop on my bed. We both stood there, motionless… staring at each other. I suddenly realized that it was going to be me vs. this 23-foot cricket. I slowly leaned in closer for a better look at the beast. There was no fear in his eyes. I inched backward and he began his attack again…. zip, zip, zip, zip… I ducked my head down and muffled my flustered squeal… I glanced back up just in time to see it fling itself towards whirling ceiling fan… The fan then put Mr. Monster-Cricket to the wall behind my head. Down I went, again.

Somehow Mr. M.C landed on my dresser… I swooped in and grabbed him with 2 fingers. This, my friends, is when Mr. M.C. lost his ever-Buggin MIND!!!

I’m not sure if crickets have teeth, but I think this arse-hole bug tried to bite my finger off… so I did what any fearless bug-catching warrior would do… I freaked out and dropped him.

Once again he was sitting on my bed. I momentarily played with the idea of letting him just HAVE the bed… I mean… I GUESS I could sleep on the floor.. maybe he’d let me get a pillow of the bed or something…..

Oh, Hell, No!!!

I swiftly grabbed a T-shirt off the dresser, flung it, Matrix-Style, around Mr. M.C. Clutching the T’shirt tightly closed I ran for the front door, flung it open and shook the shirt violently towards the lawn.

It’s been 2 days now… I haven’t heard from or seen Mr. M.C since our little fall-out. It’s probably for the best though.

Love Yourself

Changing your life will always begin in yourself. If you really want to have a better life, you should start accepting and loving yourself. This will serve as your foundation towards your goal. Yes, we are imperfect and most of the time we make mistakes and we sometimes fail. But it should not be our sole reason not to improve ourselves. The starting p[point will always be loving ourselves for who we really are.

Go outside Your Comfort Zone


Another way to change your life is to get out of your comfort zone. Over the years, we became so used to the things the we have been doing for a long time already. Yes, this gives us stability and comfort but if you really want to do something different and to change your life for the better, then you need to get uncomfortable. Break out your comfort zone, do things that you haven’t done yet. 

Don’t compare yourself to others

Comparison will never do you any good. It is considered as the thief of all joy. You have to keep in mind that we all have our differences. We have different skill sets, talents, strengthst and weaknesses. Hence, you should never compare yourself to others. Always remember that comparison will alwys bounce back sadness to you. If you compare yourself to 75 peoplem, it will get back 75 hard or harder.

Speak Your Mind

Do not hold your ideas back. For you to have a better outlook in life, you have to voice out your opinions and ideas. You should also not hold onto your emotions. This wonty dop any good as well. Instead, talk to people you trust the most and they are willing to listen to you and give you advice as well.

Unfortunately for the average investor, a Stockbroker is basically a salesman looking out for the next commission. Sure, a broker wants his client to do well on his investments, but the broker has to sell stocks to earn his living. We’re going to discuss investing in a mutual fund that comprises 500 of the largest stocks in the United States. This fund is commonly called the S P; 500. The S part is for Standard and the P is for Poor. Standard and Poor is a large company that does financial research. Stockbrokers don’t make much in commissions selling mutual funds. They make more money selling stocks. We are going to focus on investing in the S P; 500 mutual funds.

The S P; 500 represents the 500 most traded stocks on the New York Stock Exchange. If you invest in all 500 of these stocks you own a small piece of what makes America tick financially. It would take a large amount of money to buy shares in each of the 500 stocks. In 1976 John Bogle conceived the idea of a mutual fund comprised of these 500 largest stocks. According to Vanguard Mutual Funds, the S P; 500 stock index fund has grown at approximately 12% annually since 1976. Few, if any fund managers have equaled this.

The market goes up and down in cycles. Perhaps you have heard the term bull market. A bull market means that stocks are rising. Also, there are periods of time, where the stocks go down. They call this a Bear market. There are years that mutual funds lose money, as does the entire stock market. There are also years that S P; 500 funds make money. For the average investor all you need to know is that 12% return over a 32 year period is quite nice.

It has been said that the average person spends more time planning their vacations than they do thinking about investments. For the neophyte investor the S P; 500 fund is a good choice. You don’t need to know very much about stock markets or individual stocks. A professional mutual fund manager and his staff takes care of you.

Mutual funds are not a short term investment. Investing in S P; 500 mutual fund is for the longer term of 10 to 20 years. If you invest your money regularly, say every month for instance, you will be able to benefit immensely when the market is rising. Periodic investment is commonly called “dollar cost averaging”. As an example, if you have an Individual Retirement Account or IRA, investing every month is a good idea. No one can time the market perfectly. When stocks are high in price your monthly purchase buys fewer stocks. Conversely, when stock prices are lower you buy more shares. So it averages out.

It is also very important that you select the provision for reinvestment of your dividends. In order for your mutual fund to grow to its fullest, you must reinvest the dividends. You are compounding your return. By compounding your dividends you make the greatest return over the life of your investment.

Geldanlage is something that should not be taken lightly. You have to be serious and you have to carefully consider a lot of factors. In this way, you will be able to grow your money and achieve your goal which is ultimate return. 

Investing in an IRA works best if you start when you are young. The money will compound and produce a greater return. It is predicted that a person that invests early and regularly could be close to being a millionaire by the time they become 50. This happens through the miracle of compounding. If you could invest 10% of your income annually, and left it alone for 40 or 50 years, you would be very well off.

It would be wise to learn a little bit about market cycles. As you get closer to retirement age, you don’t want to withdraw everything on a down market cycle. The market will rise again, and then you can withdraw more money. This is all you really need to know. The mutual fund managers do the investing for you.

There are quite a few mutual fund companies that have S P; 500 mutual funds that you can buy. If you are buying for an IRA, there are some that allow you to invest $150 a month or less. Vanguard is the largest of them. You can always switch from a smaller company to one of the giants as your dollar amount in your IRA increases. The main thing is to get started early. Use dollar cost averaging and make sure that you reinvest the dividends. Regular investment for your retirement is all you need.

Rat poison bait is a very effective method for rat control. But with several brands in the market, choosing the right one can be daunting. To help you out, here are the best rat poisons in 2020.

MOTOMCO Jaguar Mouse 

One of the best rat poisons that you can buy today is MOTOMCO Jaguar Mouse. This brand contains both brodifacoumm and diphacinone which are effective against all rodents regardless of their size and variation. One of the best things about this product is that when you buy one, you have options of pail size.

Talon G

Talon G is one of the brands used for professional pest control. While this is not a cheap poison that you can buy in the market, it is considered as the go to product of professionals. Thus, it can effectively kill rodents because of its powerful components.

Contrac All-Weather Box

If you are looking for a product that is made from less toxic ingredients, Contrac All-Weather Box is the right choice for you. This product contains Vitamin K1 antidote=. When using this, it is advisable to use a bait box when laying any kind of rodenticide.

JT Eaton Bait

JT Eaton Bait is another reliable brand for killing rats through poison. This brand is ideal for smaller rodents. Another great thing about this product is that it is considered as the cheapest one among other brands. It can also be bought in different sizes and it is easy to reseal packaging.

Havoc Rat

Last but not the least is the Havoc Rat and Mouse Bait. This product comes in small packages. While this brand is one of the most expensive products in the market, a lot of professionals still recommend this because of it is made of a brodifacoum anticoagulant formula.

Everyone is looking to make money online today. One thing being pushed a lot today is taking surveys online. I see the claims of single moms working at home making unbelievable money just taking surveys. There is money to be made taking surveys, but you would have to work at it to make it your only job. Here is the opinion of a person that really does take online surveys.

I have to admit that I do enjoy giving my opinion on several different things and getting paid for it. This is not a road to riches, but you can make cash and win free prizes with very little effort. If you think you can make millions doing this you are very mistaken. In order to be really successful enough you have to refer hundreds of people to do the same thing you’re doing. Of course, this is not impossible but that would take a lot of effort. The effort to know about the fashion trends is excellent with Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 reviews. The allotments of time and money should be right to take the advantage. Expert opinion can be taken to get the desired results. No mistakes should be done through the people to know about the fashion courses.

Even without a huge friends list you can still make a few hundred dollars a month just for your opinion which, isn’t bad. The secret to this game is signing up with only the best sites that do surveys. Once you find these you must be committed and do as many surveys per day as you can. If you look at it as fun this can go very quickly. Like I said, getting paid for my opinion is a blessing.

One thing to note right off the bat is to stay away from these websites that promise huge money if you pay them to become a member. They are making huge money by selling you something that you can find for free. Why pay anywhere from $19.95 to $34.95 for free information. Also some of these websites sign you up for a monthly membership. You will be hard-pressed to find a good reason to pay someone a monthly charge for something that you can find for yourself for free.

The other thing to avoid are sweepstakes entry surveys or anything like Publishers Clearing House. I have been doing Publishers Clearing House for 30 years and have never won. The odds of winning on the sweepstakes entry surveys are about the same, so don’t waste your time unless you enjoy these kind of things. Just keep in mind that these are for fun and your odds of winning are very small.

If you do choose to go down this road of financial fun become a member of as many sites as possible. There are plenty to choose from and each one is different and leans in a special direction. I have found that being a member of at least 20 online survey sites is the best. If you go up to 30 and stick with it everyday you can make a couple of hundred dollars a month, just filling out surveys. Not too bad. But remember you need to fill out surveys every day. So set aside an hour or so a day just to do surveys.

Some people ask me why I get paid for taking surveys online? The reason is simple, major corporations need to know what consumers think about their products. And this is the most cost effective way for them to do that. If you think about it it makes perfect sense. How else could they get so much information for so little money so quickly? So works out for both of us.

In closing, I do recommend taking online surveys if you are interested in making some extra cash. But I don’t think for the average person that they could live off of the money they make from taking online surveys. You could do this only if you set up a way to get hundreds of people to become members under you on these survey sites. Because you get a small portion of their income if they sign up underneath you. The money does not come out of their pocket, the survey site pays you the commission. Have fun and enjoy.

+61I0f you are the parent of a teenager it is probable that your teen has an interest in the use of social networking websites such as MySpace or online services like These sites are a convenient means of staying in touch with friends, but they can also pose some dangers. In light of this fact, as a parent, you should educate yourself as much as possible about the popular social networking websites.

It is vital that you realize that online social networking sites such as MySpace are attractive especially to teenagers. You may think that your teen is not using one of these sites when they actually are. Online social networking sites are considered “cool” by junior high and high school students. Spanning the country there are individuals who have discussions about MySpace and other websites like it.

It is imperative that you realize that even though online social networking sites are popular, they may be dangerous. You do not have to take drastic measures; however and completely ban your child from using these sites, but it is important to be aware that dangers lie within some of these online social networking sites. If you and your child are educated on the types of dangers that these sites can pose, you can better protect yourselves from the dangers. You want your child to be able to simply communicate with their friends and be able to do so safely.

It is important for you to note that any individual that wants to can read your child’s online posts on these online social networking sites unless they have their profiles set at private. By setting the profile to private only approved friends can see the profile. Without utilizing such a tool, your teenager could place themselves in danger by exposing information, pictures, or videos to potential predators. A certain comment, picture, or video can give child predators the wrong ideas and cause your child to be a target.

Social networking websites are prime areas for internet predators to find potential prey. Unfortunately, there are vast numbers of children and adults that do not realize that the new friend showing an interest in conversing is an internet predator that is until it is already too late. The profile, pictures, or video of the internet user may be that of a teenage girl or boy, but that does not mean that they couldn’t be falsified and actually be those of a sex offender.

MySpace or other online social networking sites can easily contain information, pictures, or video that could be misinterpreted by others viewing it, but that is not the limit to the dangers they can pose. There are police departments starting to use MySpace and other online social networking sites to monitor content. Therefore, the video of the prank carried out by your child and their friends that they thought was just so terrifically cool that it had to be posted to MySpace could get them into some legal trouble. Some schools also are monitoring these social networking websites and what school officials find could get a child suspended from school and/or school-related activities.

A child’s true identity can also happen upon some of the online social networking sites. Your child could begin receiving phone calls, letters, or even face-to-face contact due to someone finding the child’s true identity. Your child can become a target just by filling out simple information on their social network page. Information provided on the page such as location, with the inclusion of city and state and the school they attend can be combined with the child’s posted picture and give a predator a good starting point.

The danger posed by online social networking sites can be greatly lessened just by you and your child showing awareness. In order to be better protected, it is advisable that your child set all of the social networking website profiles to private. You may want to review your child’s profile occasionally in order to ensure that established rules of new online friend acceptance are being followed. If you can view personal photos or videos on your child’s profile you may want to recommend their removal. It is recommended that they not provide any personal information such as full name, address, phone number, or name of the school attended.

Beauty is beyond what we see. It’s an emotion that interconnects to our entire chemical make-up that inspires and influences are state of well being, as well as, overall state of mind. Although some people may concur that beauty is important, beauty defies an essence of quality that contributes to our overall value and worth as an individual.

Social networking has become a huge part of cyber culture, making it a huge part of the average internet user’s lifestyle. One may argue that the internet is senseless, but based on my own experiment, it is quite astute we use several senses, which makes social networking ordinarily accepted by the vast majority of status quo society. Evidentially because beauty is modestly relevant and reflects the average woman in the world today, it collaborates well with social networking, making it a great way to socialize with individuals who think on the same wavelength.

The internet is huge, making it relatively speaking, a world of it’s own. With millions upon millions of websites, the internet caters to just about any demographic, including those that find beauty extremely important in their everyday life. Philosophically speaking, because the demand is so high, the demand is higher to finding the best website where individuals can interact and talk about beauty on a daily basis. I have decided to take a great looking at some of the hottest, best beauty social networking websites on the world wide web.

If you are not a member of “Makeup Alley” (commonly known as “MUA”) the time is now to join. With almost 1 million members, this incredible beauty social networking website proves to be ultimately worth your inquiry. I’ve been a member of Makeup Alley for several months and I just love it. Not only does this amazingly immaculate website allow you to maintain a profile and add pictures, it allows you to engage in swap exchanges. MUA also allows you to review products and also engage in social activity using the internal mail message system or the message boards. Because beauty is made up several varieties, there are several subjects to choose from. While you are partaking in an array of discussion about the best mascara on the planet, you are making so many friends in the process. This is one of my favorite beauty social networking websites, to which I frequent daily. It can be your’s too. For more information visit – right now.

I absolutely love “” (commonly referred to as “Specktra”) because it is a very personal, yet fun social networking opportunity that allows you to not only learn a lot from your favorite product, but make friends with girls (and sometimes guys) that are just like you and/or think on the same wavelength. This website provides a well universal, yet diverse variety that makes it worth frequenting on a daily basis. Everything from the general forum to reviews to even swaps and sales. If you have a question, there is a 100% you will find the answer on this website. I’ve been a member for a while and just love it and to be honest, it’s definitely in a league of it’s own. Want to know more? Simply visit – today!

Most of the time, when one is searching for a beauty networking website, they tend to go for overall content and have some reason to join. In the case of “Total Beauty”, you definitely will find what you are looking for. Everything from reviews to forums to even contests and give-a-ways, Total Beauty remains to be in the top of it’s class, making it ultimately worth your inquiry. I love this website because every time I ask a question, most of the time I always get an answer. Total Beauty is also righteously bank because they always have an array of contests, which allow you to win all kinds of goodies. If you want to belong to a top-of-the-line beauty inspired social networking website, this is it. Visit – right now!

As a bonus information, if you are looking for a service that would allow you to see the profiles of your followers who are on a private mode, you can visit

for more information. This will certainly help you with your goal.

Make absolutely no mistake about Allure magazine. “Allure” provides an array of options, including a great social networking option that allows beauty lovers from across the globe to engage in deep discussion about the best foundation or favorite eyeshadows. If you are looking for an amazing social networking website, Allure would be it. With everything from forums and product reviews to actual product give-a-ways and freebies, this website is ultimately worth frequenting, making it worth your inquiry. Not many magazines don’t provide such an option as polished as Allure’s, making Allure one of the best social networking websites on the world wide web, to date. For more information visit – today.

Coffee from กาแฟคั่วสดใหม่ is one of America’s favorite drinks. The big craze in all the fast-food restaurants now is frappe, latte espressos. Mobile has a few locally owned businesses that have some of the best coffee you will ever drink. Sometimes stopping at a smaller coffee shop instead of a big name like Starbucks, you will get better tasting coffee and usually better service. Small companies will usually work harder to ensure the customer’s happiness.

One of the best of all is Carpe Diem Coffee and Tea Co-located on Old Shell Road. This coffee shop was founded in 1995 and is in a 100-year-old house that is very inviting to all the locals and enjoyed by the college life near-by. The menu consists of breakfast items such as bagels, cinnamon rolls, croissants, muffins, and scones. Chicken salad, egg salad, and spinach quiche are some of the favorites. Some of the different sandwiches are chicken salad, egg salad, BLT, club, hot ham cheese, and turkey Swiss sandwich. Then they have brewed coffee, hot espresso, iced espresso, frozen drinks iced teas. You can get any coffee drink that you desire and it is going to be delicious. They also offer a coffee of the day if you can’t decide which you would like and the coffee has been voted best in Mobile for 14 years by Mobile Bay Monthly. The atmosphere here is very calm and relaxing with walls of soothing dark maroon color with dark wood counters and pine floors.

Another of my favorite coffee shops here in Mobile would have to be Serda’s Coffee Co. The atmosphere here is fun and energetic. The location of Serda’s is right in the middle of historic downtown Mobile at 3 South Royal Street, it is on the corner of Dauphin St. and Royal St. right next to Compass Bank. The menu consists of coffees, teas, wine, liquor, beer, Panini’s, wraps, soups, salads, breakfast, gelatos, and smoothies. This coffee is better than any Starbucks you will ever go to and cheaper. Some of the basic coffees such as espresso, macchiato, con Panna, Americano, café au lait, and brewed coffee’s start at just $1.30. I especially like the caramel macchiato, it is an outstanding drink.

At Moka’s Coffee House in Saraland, only a few miles outside of Mobile, they have some really good tasting coffee. They are a small building that only the locals know about but a lot of people miss out on some good coffee. The atmosphere is calm and relaxing because they are not very busy and it is not nosey like some of the other larger businesses.