When you buy ostarine at Predator Nutrition, much like with any other online shop, there are certain terms and policies that are followed. Before you finalize your purchase, you need to read up on the said terms and policies in order to avoid possible complications in the future.


Payments as You Buy Ostarine

The orders that you placed at Predator Nutrition can be paid using any of the methods displayed on the website during the orders. Payments are obviously due before the exact delivery date and time will be the basic term of the entire agreement. Breach of the basic agreement will allow the supplier to completely terminate the contract; simply put, payment first before delivery. There are no discounts unless otherwise stated or you avail their promo.


All the orders that you placed will be delivered to the address that you entered; take note that some products are cannot be delivered to locations outside the United Kingdom. All the orders finalized before 4:00 pm on during the weekdays are processed on the same day. As for the delivery, it heavily depends upon the requested delivery option and the availability of the items under the order. Every order made through DPD that are placed before 5:00 pm are similarly processed on the same day but are subject under stock and security checks. In case a delivery can’t be made to your specific address due to the Supplier’s control, then they will inform you right away.


Take note that the goods are at your risk beginning from the time of delivery. The ownership of the items passes to you only when the complete payment has been received by the supplier. Of course a ton of other policies and terms that govern your transaction, they’re displayed on the website for you to review.