In the gaming world, you can possibly classify games into three main types. First are story-driven games, second is gameplay-driven and the last are combinations of the two. GTA 5 mods PS4 is a great example of the third type, so you can try it to understand what really are story-driven and gameplay-driven games. And in this article, you’d learn more about story-driven games. 

What are Story-Driven Games? 

In a nutshell, story-driven games are those which runs on a story instead of mere objectives. In GTA 5, for example, you’d see Michael and Trevor as two of the three main characters. Michael is a rich man with troubled past and suffers from a lot of family problems, whereas Trevor is a sadistic criminal. When you play the game, you’d experience different story depending on which character you’d choose, such as receiving different missions.



In contrast, gameplay-driven games focuses on things you must accomplish such as jumping, punching or using specific weapon to kill a boss monster. Story-driven games doesn’t have such factor, sic=since it’s up to you how you’d beat such opponent. 

How to Find the Best Story-Driven Games? 

Now, you see that story-driven games are certainly wonderful. But it’s quite a task to find the best one, since there are too many of them today. To help you up, try focusing on what genres of stories you favor reading in books or watching in films. That should lead you to the right genre of game which feature story-driven plot. 



Next, be sure it’s not story-based alone. One which carries elements of a gameplay-based game is better. Note that the story-driven plot would drive your emotions to finish the game, whereas gameplay keeps the excitement as you play. 

Yes, it’s amazing to learn that games have these classifications. And if you love reading stories, there’s no doubt you’d love story-driven games too. Find one which suits your taste now!