Once what was an abundance of fuels has now turned to an excess of sorts of pollution. The usage of fossil fuels has gone up by multiple times, and so has the pollution level. And the sole reason for this is the toxic fumes and chemicals that get released during the combustion process of fossil fuels. And hence zeroavia has come up with an alternative fuel for airplanes and aircraft, hydrogen. Not many people understand the extent of damage aviation fuel does to the earth’s environment. And hence it is essential for you to understand its actual consequences and how ZeroAvia contributes towards reducing that damage.

What are the consequences of using aviation fuel in aircraft?

More and more people are choosing airplanes as their of travel. And this means the number of flights and aircrafts taking off every day is increasing as well. And this indirectly leads to an increase in fuel consumption; this, in turn, leads to excess fumes released, and the level of pollution goes up. 

That’s not all: the number of private and public aircraft will continue to rise due to demands, and this will soon result in air pollution levels going beyond manageable.

ZeroAvia understands the consequences and took the initiative to combat this problem. They came up with a solution that is like a win-win situation for everyone. 

Using hydrogen combined with fuel cells as aviation fuel is an alternative that has various benefits over using the standard aviation fuel, including:

  • Hydrogen produces higher energy compared to the usual aviation fuel.
  • Moreover, hydrogen combined with fuel cells also lowers the amount of toxicity released in the air significantly.

Using hydrogen is beneficial in the long run as it is present in abundance and does not lower the air quality. And this makes it safer for the earth and also for the health of all living beings.

Endowed as the birthplace of Skype, and as one of the oldest best persevered medieval cities in Estonia, Tallinn is a worthy travel destination to consider. As the capital city of Estonia, Tallinn population boasts of a minute population of less than half a million people with mild warm summers and snowy winters. This can be an ideal place if you are a tourist who is interested in summer outings or are in love with forests, and the quiet sea life. That is not all; there are so many viron matkat destinations to check out. These include: ekskursioon_maketi-juures

Tallinn Destination Places

  • The Pirita River valley: A number of tourists travel to this place just to acquaint them with the fresh air surrounding that is brought to life by the unblemished nature of trees, hills and native birds. Relaxation walks are the order of the day with room for open air jogging and work out to spice up your morning.
  • Song Festival Ground: A lot of Estonian locals resonate with the Song festival ground or Lauluvaijak. That is because of its 1998 role in the dissolution of soviet power. Aside from these, Lauluvaijak is known for hosting music and cultural festivals and concerts during the festive season. You can also enjoy a great view of the wall of Tallinn on the off pick festive season.
  • Telliskivi Creative City: within this city are old warehouses and industrial age buildings which have been transformed into delightful eateries, galleries, restaurants and bars just to mention a few. It is a place to get inspired.article-2630605-17116a0c000005dc-981_634x444
  • Patarei Prison: if creepy is exciting then this is the place for you. It is a well preserved gun battery and fortress of the 1840’s. It is used to host rave parties in the summer.


Travel places in Tallinn are not hard to find; all you have to do is to take time and do prior research before you travel.