Are you also thinking about investing in Bitcoin but not sure whether you should do it or not? Well you are not alone. Many people are still in dilemma – sometimes the lucrative deals of Bitcoin lure them and sometimes, the articles on its reliability and stability stop them. Well, what about not digging about the same old thing and explore something interesting? When everyone is busy in discussing Bitcoin popularity, stability and volatility, we are here to divert your mind with some interesting facts.

  1. Did you know that the first Bitcoin Evolution transaction was made for a Pizza? Yes, it was a American couple who first made a purchase through Bitcoin. It was May, 22 before which Bitcoin’s price was in cents, but after that date, the price started growing. It is the Bitcoin Pizza Celebration day.
  2. The inventor of Bitcoin is still a mystery. It was in the market since 2009, but still there is no official declaration about the father of Bitcoin. A pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto is what we all know, but the real one is still a mystery.
  3. Bitcoin transactions can be done anonymously but as the permanent ledger in which the transactions are saved are transparent. Hence, if someone knows your public address, the person can see your transactions and amount of Bitcoin.
  4. Private Key holds immense importance for Bitcoin owners. Without the key, you wouldn’t be able to access the Bitcoin and for being anonymous account, you will never be able to get back your Bitcoin.
  5. You can’t feel or touch Bitcoin as these are digital currency. These are mined on Blockchain network when the miners can successfully solve the math problems and generate coins. Presently, Bitcoin network is 300 times stronger than top most 5 supercomputers in the world.

Feeling fascinated? Share with us if you have any more inputs.