Recent in the news Ted Williams a homeless man from Ohio became an overnight sensation, when a video of him went viral on the internet. What captured the reporters attention was Williams’ elevator pitch that was written on a piece of cardboard-“I have the God given gift of voice.” Those words backed by Williams golden voice catapulted him on the national scene. An elevator pitch is more than a catchy term and it doesn’t only have to be delivered on an elevator. It’s even a great device used by บริษัทนำเข้าแรงงานต่างด้าว and other enterprises to gain new clients.

The Late Ronald Reagan was recognized as great communicator, he was know to travel with more than 30 4×6 cards with his talking points on them-everything from social security, to the Cold War was with him at all times. Reagan was the master of using small messages for maximum impact, Reagan wasn’t only a excellent communicator, he was very well prepared. Your message should be crisp and clean as a newly starched shirt, practice will help you work out the wrinkles in your delivery in advance.

Regardless of your profession, your job is to tap your mine of resources for golden nuggets that grab and hold your listeners attention. These commercial size messages prepared in advance and range from 30 sec to 5 minutes; so practice is essential. You will be prepared when you see that client you’ve tried to connect with for weeks-your will words flow off your lips like butter. Your elevator pitch is designed to intrigue your listener and present you in calm elegant manner. When done correctly your clients should saying “WoW” “that was original give me second let’s square away some time now, I can plug you in my BlackBerry later this week.”

Practice is essential because it will be an awkward moment for you and your client if you’re fumbling your lines. Rehearse everything from the introduction to your segue into your main topic and your wrap up. Remember your elevator pitch is designed as an appetizer so keep it brief; the aroma of the main course will be conveyed in your message leaving them drooling for more.

When you moving to close you will transition into securing an appointment, an introduction to someone else or if they have time you may have an opportunity to give them some additional details. A good Elevator Pitch has three main free throws, if your nail these you will be in good shape.

  1. Strong case: What’s your point?
  1. Compelling case: Give your listener a cause to stop and deliberate.
  1. Creative: Your delivery should be unique and engaging.

You can’t afford to have the field goal percentage of Shaquille O’neil here, you need to hit all three free throws in order to deliver an effective elevator pitch. Be yourself, deliver your pitch in your own authentic voice and style, there is no need to sound like the movie phone guy.