Having ulcerative colitis can become truly depressing if you let it. Between the embarrassment of the symptoms, the lack of freedom and spontaneity, and the inability to eat some of the foods you love, it is easy to let it get you down especially during the spring and summer months. There are beach trips, get-togethers, scenic walks, and bike rides. And barbeques. With all the lovely smoking grills around, can you as an ulcerative colitis patient, partake? Absolutely!

The beauty of grilled food is the fact that it derives the majority of its flavor from the grilling process. Moreover, if you are unsure about your allergies, you can click on testing for allergies and food intolerance in England for convenient and reliable tests for your food allergies. This will help you in making the right choices as you go out for parties. 

The fire and the charcoal provide the smoky grilled flavor that we all know and love. Most good grill chefs will tell you that overly complicated seasonings used in grilling will actually ruin the food. This is the boon for UC sufferers. Many of us get flare-ups from heavily spiced foods, whether actually spicy (in the hot sense) or not. By partaking in grilled spring and summer fare, you can have a really perfect and fully flavorful dish without the risk of flaring up. And while most of us are often stuck with bland steamed vegetables, grilling vegetables can add some extra flavor to pretty safe food.

Another fantastic reason to throw yourself wholeheartedly at the grill is the variety and flexibility. While some doctors suggest a specific UC diet, most agree that the triggers that aggravate your symptoms are unique to you. Only you truly know what isn’t going to sit well with you. The flexibility of grilling allows you to control what you are eating at a barbeque or get-together more than you might otherwise. It is difficult to ask a cook to create a small portion of the stir-fry or casserole just for you, but if there are burgers or vegetables or any other item on a grill, it is usually being prepared in individual portions despite the fact that everything is being cooked at once. 

If the grill chef is slathering everything in barbeque sauce, it is easy to ask for none on your item. Spice rub headed everywhere? Go without. Grilled food tastes great even without any spices or marinades. Also, if you want to avoid any part of the meal because you know that your system won’t handle it, altering the construction phase of the meal becomes very easy also. Avoid cheese or a hamburger bun if you need to.

You really don’t even need to alter your grilling techniques to make them ulcerative colitis-friendly. Just adapt it to what you already know works for you, and enjoy the time around the grill with family and friends. On the grill, your spring and summer favorites are completely within reach!