The PSP was created a few years back, and it’s been generating a lot of attention, hype and appreciation. It was known as the first big-name, portable gaming system to be capable of completing tasks such as playing MP3s, playing videos (although only certain formats; sadly, it can’t play FLV videos), viewing photos (and taking them if you have the right application), surfing the Web with Wi-Fi and, of course, playing video games.

There’s a lot of reasons why you should buy a PSP, although you must be aware that some of the things listed below aren’t possible if you don’t have a custom firmware, which I’ll write a guide on how to get that later on. Anyway, here are what I consider the 10 top reasons to buy a PSP are.

  1. Homebrew:

Homebrew is by far the best reason to get a PSP. The possibilities for your PSP and things to do become almost limitless if you have Homebrew. There’s a whole lot of PSP game designers out there with a lot of different interests, which causes them to make different games that suit their wants, even needs, and if they want to (which they probably will) they can distribute their programs over the worldwide web. The types of Homebrew made range from homemade flash games that are playable on the PSP, to music creating programs, to emulators for systems such as Nintendo, Genesis, Atari, Playstation, and more. It can even be a calculator or a writing software. The possibilities are almost unlimited. The only downside is that you must have a firmware below 1.50 OR custom firmware, which isn’t very difficult to obtain anymore since the creation of the “Pandora’s Battery”.

  1. Emulator’s:

I’m not going to go into much detail with this, since they’re illegal, but besides them being illegal, a lot of people use them anyway. If you want to use emulator’s on your PSP and break the law, it’s your choice, though I encourage not to.

  1. Games:

The games for the PSP are considered the best Portable video games that have been made to this day. This is simply because of the astounding graphics that equal up to even that of the PS2, and also a big part is played in the fun factor of the games. The graphics for most of the games are really good, some are unbelievable, some average, and some games just don’t really focus on the graphics much. The games aren’t really as fun as the games that Nintendo makes, and besides that most of them are made for a teen audience, so if you’re below the age of 13 I’d imagine the graphics would appeal more, also the audio qualities.

  1. Internet:

It’s as simple as this: You can browse the internet on your PSP. If you’re away from home and you don’t have a computer, maybe you’re in a big city, there will most likely be a Wi-Fi hotspot around that you can use to access the internet. The browser is very user friendly and it’s pretty fast too. It supports Flash, animation, images, Javascript, and more. You can also download anything you want to a memory stick or the PSP system itself, though it only has 30 MB space, or 60 if you’re using a slim.

  1. Videos:

Another good reason to buy a PSP is it’s ability to play videos. The quality can reach up to very good, and the screen is a very good size to watch them on, it’s just the right size. If you want to watch an FLV file, there’s plenty of programs out there that can convert FLV video files to a form like MP4 so it can be viewed on your PSP.

  1. Music:

It’s a very good music player, no different from an iPod; the only limit is the amount of space you have. I suggest getting a 2GB memory card, depending on how many songs you want to carry.

  1. Portability:

It can be carried around pretty much everywhere without being a bother.

  1. Applications:

If you want to have an application that can carry things like an alarm, calculator, notepad, voice recorder, or something like that all in one, you can get a PSP. There’s plenty of homebrew that can support your situation.

  1. Price:

The price is only about $160 now, that’s a really great deal for something this good. It can do everything an Ipod can do (better than it too), and more. Expert advice to Buy pokemon go accounts that have less cost in comparison to the other accounts. The playing and purchasing of the video game should not go beyond the budget of the players.

  1. Durability:

It’s designed to be pretty stable and it will last you a really long time, so you probably wont ever have to buy a new one.