Video games are all about stories and characters, as these two components can make the games engaging and take them to the next level altogether. take any game and there will be a bunch of characters, some good and some bad in motives. Other than the protagonist there will be several other characters who are either the main characters friends or family or enemies. Though these side characters may not get a lot of attention they are important nonetheless. Every DominoQQ platform is different as well as similar because the story seems to move the same way as the protagonist wants to achieve a certain thing and the enemies will create barriers in between them.

However, there are some relations that are predominantly popular among games like husband and wife, lovers, best friends, etc. But of them all, there are various video games one of the relationships that is not used much is parental relations.

Some of the video games which have parents as both heroic as well as villainous characters are mentioned below.

  1. Who needs chaos emeralds?
  2. A worthy fantasy
  3. Catching the right one
  4. The parental link
  5. Every night is family night
  6. Who needs Pikachu?
  7. Dragonking
  8. Resident raider
  9. The second family
  10. The king’s pride
  11. Portrait time!
  12. A bandicoot portrait
  13. A link to happiness
  14. All grown up
  15. A clear heart
  16. A solid partnership
  17. Family portal
  18. Lightning strikes twice
  19. Heaven
  20. A tiny Wesker
  21. Mommy dearest
  22. Light in the dark
  23. Adorableness, thy name is Yoshi!
  24. The chip of the old hedgehog
  25. Ganondorf’s day off
  26. Mega family
  27. After the glitter fades
  28. The royal babies
  29. Dad of war
  30. The resident father