See, I used to have dogs. And dogs are considerably easier to groom than cats. They listen, they are obedient, they even seem to enjoy it.

And then I made the switch to cats, and having cats is weird. Even when you bring them to colmars hedgedog care service, dogs are pretty easier to groom compared to cats. 

But I learned quickly how to deal with cats, and I also learned that keeping your cat well groomed is one of the most difficult tasks to handle when it comes to kitties. They don’t like being brushed, bathed, or anything of that nature, and they certainly don’t heed any commands.

That aside, there are quite a few tips and tricks you can pull out of your sleeve to make brushing your cat much easier, and in my case, thanks to a really laid-back cat, brushing is a breeze.

Try this:

Let Your Cat Come to You

Your cat will come to you to cuddle or curl up in your lap at various times. Let them. Don’t chase them off, and don’t reach for the brush every time they do or else you will condition them to think that every time they come to you they are going to be tortured with that awful thing.

Don’t Try to Brush the Entirety of Your Cat at One Time

If your cat is the sort that will put up with a few minutes of annoyance before getting fed up, try brushing them just a little bit at a time and then putting the brush back down before they get so annoyed that they leave.

Keep the Cat Brush at Handy

Wherever you usually sit to watch TV or whatever, keep the cat brush near that place if the cat is likely to climb in your lap in that place. That way you can just reach over and grab the brush without disturbing the cat enough to jump down and run away. Speaking of running away… 

Do NOT Chase Your Cat

If there is one thing cats hate, it’s being chased. Do not, under any circumstances, chase after your cat with the cat brush. They are ornery creatures who can certainly hold a grudge. (Ask my sister.) And you don’t want to teach them to think that you don’t want to be friends with them. Go back to my number one hint: let them come to you. 

Difficult Kitties Call For Drastic Measures

Sometimes you simply need to corral your cat. Let your kitty come to you and then hold onto the back of your cat’s neck. Don’t worry about hurting them as long as you hold on firmly but gently. The napes of cats’ necks are designed for their mama to carry them around in her teeth that way, so your fingers won’t hurt your cat if you play nice.

This also tends to freeze cats up. You might notice that when you grab the nape of their neck that they draw their legs up and kind of stiffen up, though they don’t really struggle – at least not for a few minutes, which gives you a few minutes to brush them without struggle.

Just remember to play nice with your cat. Don’t yell, don’t chase, and don’t attempt to discipline them in the way you would with, say, a dog. They probably won’t get it, and instead, will just get mad at you and hold a grudge. You want them to still trust you even if you do wield that evil brush in your hand.