Leadership is the position where you exercise your strength and persuade other team members to follow your path. Leaders always have a goal in their mind and are a true inspiration for the rest of the class to join them. Some people are natural-born leaders, while in others, we have to inculcate this ability. Leadership is the main quality of graduate medical students.

Here are 3 secret study tips for teaching leadership in graduate medical education–

Put them in charge

Leadership qualities can be inculcated in a graduate student from the classroom activities. For this, you can assign them a specific responsibility for handling a task. For example, you can make them charge for collecting the assignment of the class on time and submitting it with the teacher. This enables the leader to complete his task on time as well as ensuring others are doing so.

Set your example

You can put leadership qualities in a student by showing them your example. It means you can explain to them why you expect a particular behavior or how you organize and manage things, how you make others follow you. This is how you become an inspiration for him or her to become a successful leader.

Deliver the meaning and importance

Another way is to explain to a graduate medical student the importance of leadership in his career job. You should explain to them what leadership is clearly and why it is essential as a life skill.

Provide them some examples

Examples are a great way to get inspiration and to learn any skill. You can show them the example of a coach in a team and how he leads each player to win the game. Give examples among their favorite sports star, music, or movie in which good leadership behavior is shown. 

These are 3 secret study tips through which you can teach leadership skills to a medical graduate student.