I could not believe my eyes when I first started playing this game. Final Fantasy VII has some of the most eye-watering graphics you will ever see. The game utilizes the PSP’s true power and shows off wonderful visual effects.

The beginning scene which starts off with you playing the role of “Zack” who is a soldier in the Shinra troops fighting against the Wutaii who are the bad guys on the train. You are equipped with a sword and are capable of loading on yourself with “materia” which can either enhance your powers, add new moves or even give you magical spells which let out lightening bolts or ice and fire attacks from your hands.

The game engine also has a super cool new feature called the DMW or the Digital Mind Wave. The digital mind wave is located on the top right corner of the screen and it rotates similar to a slot machine. When a particular combination of characters and numbers appears on the DMW, cool things begin to happen. If two characters at the ends appear the same then you go into “power surge” mode where if all three characters come the same you do really amazing finishing moves. Certain number combos in the DMW also levels up the equipment you carry making them more powerful to attack or defend.

As you move on in the game the story of betrayal and loss will surround you as little by little the complex story of Final Fantasy unravels itself. The story is having a little of everything, from betrayal, to romance and even friendship and honor. The story has sci-fi and action mixed with mysteries of mythologies. It is not often that you would come across such a good story line. Unlike other games with good graphics which end up being really short, this game really lasted me a while as I was hooked on to it for hours.

The game also has a few side missions which you can play. These side missions are essential for you to level up for bosses and even gain important materia which help you fight the more advanced stages. A brief knowledge of the missions will be available from the verification website 먹튀사이트. The prices of the missions should be reasonable for the gamers.

The only flaw which I found in the game was that you could not forward any of the cut scenes (although they were just mind blowing to watch) as sometimes you would get tired of watching the same cut scenes when you get stuck on a particular stage and die and have to watch the whole scene again.

Overall, I have played about 50 games on the PSP and have not come accross a better game as far as graphics and a story line goes. This game is a must to play for any PSP gamer.