It is definitely a big hassle when you accidentally lose all of your important files. It could be because of viruses and malwares, or some other damages in your computer or storage devices. This is when you should find the best file recovery software for you to use. Fortunately, PhotoRec is here to help you!

How Can PhotoRec Help You?

PhotoRecovery is definitely one of the best data and file recovery software that you can use to get back your lost files. It has the capacity to sort through the signified disk or partition carefully, for it to search all the files that you want to recover. Moreover, it has some other features that can help you a lot in having huge convenience through the process.

For instance, PhotoRec has the paranoid mode wherein you can have your correct files recovered, while skipping the corrupted stuff. However, you can always opt for the keep corrupted files option to do otherwise.

The app can also let you add some restrictions for the scanning options, thus helping you to tell which files should it recover or skip.  Aside from simply choosing the disk or partition where you want the app to scan, you can also narrow down its search on a specific space. Moreover, it can also let you set restrictions on file formats, thus letting you recover only the file formats that you need. Finally, you can choose a destination drive where the app should save the recovered files after the process.

You just have to download the PhotoRec for you to use it up, or set it in a live disk. This should not be a problem, especially that it can run on a wide range of platforms like Windows, Mac OS, DOS, Linux and SunOS among others. Finally, the Photo Recovery software is a freeware, which means you do not have to spend anything just to get your files back.