The suicide squad is a movie which is set to hit the theaters soon and his based on the DC comics anti-hero team that goes by the same name. Talks for making the movie started in February 2009 and the film was later signed on by David Ayer to write and direct the project in September 2014. The film boasts a solid cast with big names like Will Smith, Jared Leto among the others. This is one of the most awaited movies of the year, and is surely one to watch!


Will Smith as Deadshot: maxresdefault

Deadshot is a superb marksman and a notorious assassin. During the day he is a mercenary but night he changes into a doting father. He is very internally disturbed; he enjoys catching his prey but at the same time he wants his daughter to be proud of him. Will Smith is flawless with his acting and performs his role with conviction.

Jared Leto as Joker:

This is Leto’s most challenging role to date. Playing a psychopathic supervillain is never easy but Leto will not disappoint, as the fans of the madman expect Leto to continue the legacy. Leto describes his role as “nearly Shakespearean”. Leto was so involved with his work that Will Smith went far as to say he never met him. Leto stayed alone and listened to 1920s Gospel music to prepare him for the role. Leto even consulted doctors and spent time with psychopaths to prepare himself better. It as David Ayer’s idea to add the tattoos to add a modern look to the badass villain!

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn:

Harley Quinn matches Joker in the crazy quotient. Quinn is crazy, deadly, scary and many other things. Quinn is involved in a very dysfunctional relationship with Joker. She is crazy about him, like literally but the relationship they share is extremely dysfunctional. Harley Quinn is one of the most manipulative members of the suicide squad and is feared for her lethal skills and intellect. Harley Quinn was originally a psychiatrist in Arkham asylum. The actor was primarily created for the “Batman: animated series”. The character branched off to other parts of the DC universe and later became an integral part of the suicide squad.DC_cast_embed_LARGE


As far as we know, the premise of the movie follows the same story as the comics. In the comics, the suicide squad is also referred to as the designated task force X. In the movie, a team of super villains is formed by the government to go on dangerous missions. As the team comprises of the most-wanted criminals and are currently serving a sentence, there are no strings attached. They complete the mission, they survive to live another day; if they commit a mistake it’s game over for them. Microbombs are attached to these members so their loyalty is ensured.

There is an important chase scene between Batman and Joker in the movie; it’s however, unclear how Batman fits into the story. The suicide squad full movie can be streamed online as soon as the movie releases. Some can even pre-book the movie. This movie has the making of a blockbuster and the fans cannot wait to see it!

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