Starting an ecommerce business for someone who is new to online business could be a bit overwhelming but extremely rewarding.

Ecommerce is the bomb right now. It is one of the fastest growing industries. It is predicted to grow into a $4.5 Billion Industry by the year 2016.

It has seen consistent growth since its inception, hence it could be said to be a ‘pie in the sky’ that every Newbie dreams of having a chuck of. Everybody who is aware of this wants to make some good money in online marketing. If you want to crear una empresa en andorra, then it will require your skills. The use of the resources is with the intelligence. The earning of the profits is great to meet the desired business results. You should be aware of the necessities to get the desired results. 

That dream is now the reality for many who were once Newbies

Thousands of individuals had and are having a field day slicing off different sizes of this pie through online marketing and ecommerce programs

So it could be you the next Newbie that is making that trip to El-dorado.

As a result of the ability to be able to effect payment to anywhere in the world via the internet, there have been an explosion of thousands of digital online due to the demand to sell both physical and digital products in the global world wide web market place.

Building on your Ecommerce Idea

The first thing about starting any business venture is nurturing and building on an idea.

You should start by thinking though what kind of product are you going to sell? What niche will you be concentrating on and the competitors to deal with?

Finding your Product

You could either sell a physical, digital software or informational product.

There are lots of ways to go about this, but we will be concentrating on dropshipping.

This is the Act of selling products from your site but the order fulfillment is such that the product is shipped directly from the warehouse or the supplier to the customer.

Get linked directly to wholesalers of trending products located at the top of the supply chain.

For you to hit the ground running, simple visit any of the following sites to search for certified wholesalers on their directories for your product to sell.

  • Worldwidebrands
  • Doha
  • DropshipDesign
  • Finding your niche

With your product in focus, you need to search out the niche in which your product exists. The simplest way of finding this out is using any effective keywords tool.

The importance of this is that getting keywords that are high in search engine demand but low in competition helps you to quickly building traffic to your website eventually

The ultimate keyword research tool available is Jaaxy in our opinion.

You could use other similar tools like Samurai but we have never had to try any other since we came across Jaaxy.

With this tool you could check out Keyword phases that you could use for your domain and website names.

Registering a Domain and Web Hosting

Registering a domain name and finding a web host are essential steps in the overall launch process of your website.

It is important to note you are in the process of building your own brand name. Once you have decided on a matching name for your domain and website, it is time to buy the domain name and pay for the hosting.

Any of the following sites offers very good services for they are major players in the industry.

  • Ipage
  • Godaddy
  • To further build on your company image, you should consider getting a logo for your company.
  • Getting an Ecommerce Package
  • When choosing an ecommerce package, there are two types to consider.
  • We have the Hosted Solutions and the Licensed scripts
  • Shopify offers an excellence ecommerce package that comes highly recommended in building your estore online