The honey badger is a small, yet ferocious animal that can be found in the forests of Africa, Middle East and some other Asian countries. They have close resemblance to weasels and skunks, and is known to be carnivorous though they also have some other food in their diet. Known to be the most fearless animal in the world as recognized by Guinness, the intelligent and vicious characteristics of honey badgers is the key to its title.

Honey Badger: Smart and Ferocious

Honey badgers are small thugs found mainly in African forest, and is known because of its fearless attitude towards any danger. However, aggressiveness is not just the thing in the honey badger’s attitude that pushes it up to popularity.


Honey badgers are known to have the guts to go in conflict with the beasts of the wild like lions, crocodiles and even cobras. They have reportedly castrate large cats in battle, grab cobras through the back of the neck, attack meter-long crocodiles and even crush turtle’s shells with their powerful bites. Aside from pure brutal strength, it’s observable that those attacks done by honey badger are all fruits of functional intelligence, like grabbing cobras from the back instead of attacking it face to face.

Honey badgers are also known to be totally carefree as observed in their sheltering behaviors. Albeit they could dig holes for their own shelters, they are also observed to rest in holes of some other animals like fox holes. This is also another reasons why honey badgers often caught their selves in conflict with other wild animals.

With the unique intellectual capacity that they show, honey badger can be seen as one of the smartest animals in the wild. They are even observed to use tools like sticks and stones for certain purposes, and is smart enough to face dangerous animals in their habitat.