The Internet is agreeably man’s most disruptive invention so far. Ever since the advent of Internet, the world as we know it has become a much smaller place. People, who are separated by millions of miles, can connect with their loved ones by a series of clicks and taps. The Internet has opened up many avenues in diverse fields and it hasn’t realized its full potential just yet, the benefits it has offered are innumerable and still counting.

The Internet, in layman’s terms is basically just a collection of millions of webpages linked together. These webpages are clubbed into websites which provide information about the organization, the purpose of the website etc.

Now if you want to publish your own content on the Internet, be it in the form of blog or a website, there’s a good chance that your content might get lost in the sea of webpages that have pre-existed. For example Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing display only those results which are most relevant and your content might not feature in the first few pages of the results. This is where SEO comes to the rescue.

What’s SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s a process that diverts traffic to a particular website or webpage in a Search Engine’s unpaid results – deemed as “natural”, “organic” or “earned” results. The more frequently a site appears (or higher ranked) on a results page; the more people will be received by the website, by the Search Engine’s users. These users can then be converted to potential customers.

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How does SEO work?

Imagine you are a librarian, except that you’re a librarian of the whole world. You need a system that spits out the most relevant answers to your patrons’ questions. Similarly, Search Engines gather information from millions of webpages and store them in huge datacenters for later use.


Search Engines follow a secret recipe of their own, called an algorithm which determines the ranking of every page. The ingredients of the recipe are:

  1. Words matter
  2. Titles matter
  3. Links matter
  4. Words in links matter
  5. Reputation

These are just the basics, of course, but they form the core of most of the search engine’s algorithms. SEO is actually a very huge discipline and web search researchers are still doing much research on the subject. The idea is to post fresh, engaging content on your website, all the while sticking to the guidelines to achieve maximum ratings for your website.

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