With technology slowly advancing, you are now able to take advantage of your smartphone in so many ways. With new features that are still advancing throughout the years, you will have a ton of things from that portable device of yours to strengthen and improve your lifestyle! From productivity apps down to fitness apps that help you improve your business and lifestyle, you will be able to make sure that you keep everything neat and in order. Your smartphone is also used as a form of communication, with you being able to interact and communicate with millions of people around the world, either through your network or the Internet and the popular social media websites.images_q=tbn_ANd9GcRbnbrILduFKAeX1h8yAHQJek8ICnRmhV9dkYTo5XqL8ZQgwNT__w

Another awesome thing about your smartphone is the fact that you are also able to entertain yourself with the various websites and apps available for you to have fun with. Through these apps, you are able to spend quality time by yourself or with loved ones. The only problem would be the app you will want to choose out of the many categories and types of games available for entertainment. Luckily, you can cut your search short and install Pokemon Go!pokemongobattle-800x671

What is Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is an app created by developers of the original game, aimed to have you explore your areas for various forms of Pokemon from your smartphone! The world is your oyster, and with that, you are able to use the app to capture Pokemon around your place in real time. With the use of AR technology, GPS, and high-end graphics, your smartphone will now be your Pokedex and avenue to detect Pokemon and capture them at the same time.

Not only will you be able to capture and study Pokemon, but you will also be able to battle with various Pokemon trainers, interacting with people around you. Through Pokestops and gyms, you are able to meet new people and find the same interests as them! You get to even create your own gym as you level up as well. And the calorie burn walking and exploring your surroundings reaps a lot of health benefits as well. So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of all the features and reminisce your days of Pokemon with the Pokemon Go app today! All it takes is a quick download and registration, and after that, you will be able to explore the word of Pokemon.

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