presentation, working on an advertisement for your business, or making your website for your blogging activities, you need quality images to give life and visual representations to your work. But with a large number of image file formats, there are also number of issues associated with converting one image format to another. One of these issues, for instance, is losing the quality of the original image as you convert it to another format. That is why proper image conversion is really important. But how would you know what format exactly is needed for your images? This article will help you understand the different file formats so you’ll know what’s suitable for your images.


This format is more appropriate when a particular image is required to be placed on the top of another image. One of the best examples that PNG is a suitable format is a logo which is palced over a larger image.


This format is the most used format and is also the most convenient format that allows you to convert your image to a smaller size. JPG is the more suitable if the image has a lot of colors and details.


Nowadays, GIF is considered as a legacy format and must only be used in animation of images.


These formats are usually not supported formats over the internet and should not be taken into consideration.

Converting images nowadays is made easier as there are a lot of image converters available online. Simply, these image converters help you convert one image format into another. If you’re unable to use a photo, graphic, or any kind of image file you need because the format is not supported, image converter software can help. You can just search online exactly the kind of converter you need like png to pdf converter software free download. Make the best out of your presentations, website or advertisement through the help of image conversions.