Games these days aren’t just for kids but can be enjoyed by adults too especially the kids at heart. Before the technological advances we have in our hands today, board games and card games used to be the best games available to play. But in recent years games have expanded to include virtual games such as those played with game consoles, computer games and even on smartphones. You can easily play a game you like basically whenever and wherever you wanted. They even had portable game devices like Nintendo’s game boy. A popular game lately is Pokemon Go which was recently released in selected countries this year. It is the reason why you are probably hearing news about people going around with their eyes glued on their phone screens. It is quite amusing to see people of all ages enjoying the game.3093797-6152351915-30931

Experience Augmented Reality

One of the reasons why this game became rather popular is because of its augmented reality capabilities. It allows the players to experience the game with the real world as a background. It is quite a fascination for most as it is the first of its kind. It allows the players to explore their location quite well as the game incorporates the player’s geographical location to the game. It’s impossible to advance in the game without going around your location. In fact, you must get around to be able to capture a Pokémon. Just staying in one spot definitely won’t cut it if you want to catch them all.03242016-169

Enjoying A Childhood Game

Having to walk around to hatch your Pokémon eggs can be physically beneficial to you too. You would be getting a good work out by walking around. You may not realize that you’ve walked a couple of miles in order to hatch the eggs or to catch Pokémon because you’re having fun. People are probably wondering why there are so many adults playing the game. Most of them enjoy the fact they are able to play their childhood game and somehow live out their childhood dream of being a Pokémaster. It is a whole new experience for them to be able to play their favorite game with augmented reality capabilities.

Pokémon Go’s popularity steadily increased from the moment it was released. In fact, Nintendo’s stocks experienced an instant jump during the game’s release. The news was also abuzz with the sudden influx of people playing the Pokémon Go game.

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