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The game “Neko Atsume Kitty Collector” grew widely popular in 2015. Even though the game has no plot line and is inherently pointless with no long term goals, it has been given a four and a half out of five star rating on both iOS and Android operating systems.

For those of you who don’t know, the “objective” in this game is to attract rare cats to your yard by collecting different kinds of decorations, toys, food, and themes. Certain rare cats can be attracted by changing or adding themes to your yard. Themes can be purchased with golden sardines which can be obtained by satisfied cats or traded in the market for regular sardines. Themes such as the Zen theme, or the Western theme are more likely to attract cats like Kathmandu and Billy the Kitten, but they can be obtained without the theme when their favorite item is in

When a cat visits your yard enough times, he or she will give you an item that is special to them, called a memento. The higher level the cat is, the better quality the memento is.

You may be wondering what kind of cheats are there for “Neko Atsume.” If you’re not someone who wants to experiment with the different toys and decorations yourself, you have come to the right place. Do you want to know how to get golden sardines quickly? Or maybe you would like to know how to fit as many cats as possible into one picture? Or perhaps you simply want some tips to attract rare cats to your yard. Whatever you’re looking for, it’ll be here.

If you’re not a patient person and want golden sardines as quickly as possible, there are a few ways you can make this happen. The first, but not so easy way to obtain them is to make the fish exchange in the shop. It may not be many golden sardines, but it is free. Another way to obtain these fish is to feed your cats in the middle of the night. Some of you might be willing to wake up at three a.m. to feed your digital cats, but for those of you who enjoy sleep, you can set your phone time ahead to the time you would like to feed them. Then all you have to do is change the date and time back to what it should be, and bam. Happy cats. However, if you use this method, your neko atsume may appear to be idle until the time catches up with itself.

On the subject of food, different foods will attract different cats. Tubbs is a rare cat that you can attract to your park by leaving out the more expensive cat foods. Other rare cats have a higher chance of coming to your yard if you have higher quality food.

Did you know you can have 24 cats on your screen at once? All you need to do is buy all four of the cubes that are available in the shop. Each cube can hold up to two cats. You will also want to purchase the Cat Metropolis in one large space, which can hold up to six cats, along with either the Cat Condo Complex, or the Bureau with Pot and place it in the other large space. These two can hold up to five cats, so you can use either one. You may also want to put down a large cushion, and finally the Lacquered Bowl. Both of these items have the potential to attract two cats each. If you have some expensive food out, there is a possibility that Tubbs will come to devour everything sight, however the chances of all 24 cats appearing are very slim. download (1)

Do you remember the sentence that stated rare cats are more likely to appear with themes? Good because that is our next topic of discussion. The themes you can purchase are the Zen theme, the Western theme, the Modern theme, and the Rustic theme. Each of these will provide extra space to put things, which can attract more cats. If you put themed decorations in the proper themes, the chance of rare cats visiting increases. For example, putting the Temari ball or the Lacquered Bowl in the Zen theme will increase your chances of Kathmandu visiting.

This concludes the article on neko atsume cheats and hints. You now carry with you the information vital to every “Neko Atsume” lover’s life. Enjoy!

Truth be told; hitting a baseball is one of the hardest things you could try today, and the worst part, it gets even harder the older you get. While learning and maintain the proper fundamentals of hitting the ball is not easy, it is important to practice them if you want to become consistent hitter. If you love playing this game and you would want to take your hitting skills to another level, here are a few hitting tips that will refine your swing and make you a great hitter.

Batter Hitting Baseball --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

What you need to keep in mind

Your hands, feet and head are keys to hitting success. If you can move or position them correctly, you will put yourself in a better position to rack up hits. If you want to become a very consistent hitter, here are a few of the things that you need to keep in mind at all times.


When you are moving your hands toward the balls, do not immediately extend your arms or even try pushing them forward. Keep them right at the back to allow you to generate more energy with your legs and core before bringing your hands through.


Your feet are actually the foundation for maintaining balance throughout your swing. For you to track the ball accurately, balance is crucial. The stance should be comfortable.


Your head should be still throughout the swing, and you could maintain this through out the swing hitting becomes much easier.

3 Great Hitting Drills You Could Make Use of Today

Whether you are a professional player or you just love playing the game at your own free time, the following are top three easiest hitting drills that will improve your game.

The soft Toss

This t ball throwing drills can be of great help to your trigger mechanism and timing; when it is properly used, you will develop an easy fluid swing. Ideally, you need to take your stance and then have a friend toss balls to you from behind a wall; get his or her to throw just a short distance and just off to the side in front of you. When the person tossing the balls bring backs his or her arm, you should start the backward motion and as his arm start moving forward and be ready to hit the ball. This will help you simulate off speed pitch and maintain balance.

The short to bar

You have probably heard a friend being told; you should be short to ball and long through it’ and kept wondering what it all meant. Being short to the ball means hitting the ball in the first A or 1/3 of the way, in to the swing then accelerating through the ball to the finish. These are easy hitting drills that will improve your skills.


The Pre Stride

This is one drill that puts you is pre-stride position and help you get rid of the problems associated with swinging the bat. One of the first fundamentals is to find your power base as that will allow get to a position you feel comfortable with. Plus, in doing this, you need to make sure you are within the bat length you are using.

Defense is one of the most important components when it comes to becoming a winning team/teammate in basketball. In order to gain the experience needed to defend your team effectively you need to spend a lot of time working on basketball defense drills.


Work must first start with each individual players practicing defense fundamentals. Once the player has a solid grasp of these techniques, it is time to work on team strategies and basketball workout plan. These practices need to be worked on everyday basis during training so that defense becomes second nature to the team. As a player it is important to add as much value to your game as possible, it will increase the teammates’ and coaches’ trust in your abilities and increase your time on the court. Practicing defense drills will make your game statistics more consistent.

The best type of drills for a beginner are those that use cones to help the player work on closing out, back pedaling, defensive slides and body control techniques such as remembering to open out your hips when changing directions and turning. These simple and repetitive drills improve body conditioning, quickness and footwork. There are many variations of cone drills for defense; most place cones at the top of the key, each end and each mid-court sideline. Players start by facing the baseline, they use basic stance and slide techniques to move towards each cone, when they reach the final cone they must sprint back to the baseline. A player can also carry out these lane slides while dribbling which helps to simplify defensive slide actions and closeout movements, alongside helping the player to control the pressure of the ball so as not to lose control when in the stance.

One on one drills are ideal for the intermediate players. These kind of drills also help to consolidate the position of the opposite player and give the defender an opportunity to test newly acquired skills on an opponent. In one on one drills, the player with the ball starts at the top of the key and tries to make moves on the defender. The defender’s job is to stop the offense, box out and then get the rebound. It is helpful to pair up post players with post players and guards with guards.


Drills such as the Hawk defensive works on developing the players’ ability to guard from the wing position, while close out drills are designed to help the player to fill the gap, recover over to their man and then defend effectively without fouling. A drill that players always enjoy is the one on one spot triple threat defense drill. This drill allows players to play from anywhere on the court and gives them a chance to score and become stronger while the ball is in their possession. For the more advanced players, one on one drills such as the middle hawk builds upon existing skills and then goes to work on getting the player to guard the ball from the top of the key as well as being able to keep the basketball out of the paint. Cones can also be used for advanced players but are usually designed around building body conditioning and strengthening ball control.

Want to catch up with your favorite TV shows or the watch the latest movies on the go? The ShowBox app is precisely what you need on your Android devices.

At the click of a button, you will be able to stream TV shows and movies for free on your Android device. What makes this app so different from the rest? Well, for one it gives you the convenience you need to watch your favorite TV shows and movies anywhere and at any given time. Beyond that, there is no subscription required and you can watch as many movies/TV shows as you want in HD for free.

How to get ShowBox on your Android Device

To start enjoying free viewership, all need to do is to start by getting the ShowBox app on your Android device. The app isn’t available from the Google Play store meaning that you will have to sideload it to your device.

The following tutorial will guide you in sideloading the app to your phone:

1. Access the Settings option on your Android device. Go to settings and turn on the option to install apps from Unknown Sources.’
2. Go to the ShowBox Download website and download the APK file.
3. Once it is downloaded onto your device, click on it to install the file.
4. Once the file has been installed onto your device, open it and start enjoying free HD viewing on your Android device.

Remember that the app will require a good Internet connection to stream the movies/TV shows.

How to Get ShowBox on Blackberry/Kindle/Computer Devices

The Showbox app also works on Blackberry and Kindle devices. The APK file available from the ShowBox Download website can also be sideloaded onto Blackberry or Kindle devices.

The ShowBox app can also be installed on a MacBook or PC, enabling you to enjoy free HD streaming on laptop and computer devices as well.