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Most people think that to make money online you have to join affiliate programs, pay for high-end web site hosting, or try to persuade people to join pointless programs. It’s also very popular for webmasters to try and earn money using catchy subject lines about how you can make X amount of cash within X amount of hours. That, however, is NOT the correct way to make money online.

In this article by James Scholes, we will see how to get a free website and turn it into a cash moneymaker.

Step 1:

Relax and clear your mind. When you have accomplished this, think about some things you like to do. What you are most interested in will determine what your niche should (or can) be and in the end will prove that you can earn money doing what you love. In this article, our example niche is going to be sports; in particular, basketball.

Step 2:

Decide what kind of site you want to create now that you know what you want it to be about. You could write a blog talking about your favorite basketball teams, make a community website where all basketball-lovers alike could chat with their hearts’ desires about the sport, or anything else you can think of that has to do with basketball. If you’re the sales type of person, you could open your own sports store online or join an affiliate program for sports. However, the best, dependable source for money comes in from ads, which work best when there is a lot of content pertaining to your particular niche. Always remember…targeted advertisements make money!

Step 3:

Create your website. You do not necessarily need to get a domain name, but once your site gets more popular it would be best to have one so people know your brand. You also do not even have to spend a dime on hosting or a domain. There are many free hosting sites out there (,,  amp; to name a few), and free domains as well. View this website for more information on getting a free domain name. Doesn’t cost a penny.

Step 4:

Add some content to your site. With whatever you have decided to make your site about, there is usually always some kind of product, service, or information that can help your visitors learn more about it. This is where the ads (and money) come in. It’s time to monetize your site!

Step 5:

Choose an advertising site like Google, Bidvertiser, NeverBlueAds, etc. to put on your site. It will be up to you to decide which one you go with. The most popular, and promising, is Google Adsense, but obviously that is an opinion. Everyone has their own preferences. Add these ads to your site and pay attention to how the ads match your content. Your content is like the heart of the advertisements. If you write about basketball, they will display basketball-related ads. Same as if you were writing about another thing such as cars or fashion.

Step 6:

Finally, keep a watch on your site. You need to make sure your content is up-to-date and that you make any necessary changes when needed. If you have a blog, make sure you post at least once or twice a week. This keeps readers coming back for more.

If you want to increase the number of views or visitors to your site, you could join a traffic exchange or use Google Adwords to have others display your ads on their sites. Adwords is not free so if you want to keep everything free, your best bet is a traffic exchange.

Also, remember to keep your content all on the same topic. Don’t create a site about basketball and then write about football. If you want your site to make it onto search engines to where people will visit your site and click the ads, you must keep the web site focused on basketball; since that is what your visitors are there to see in the first place.

Important Tips  amp; Warnings:

  • Use popular keywords to describe your niche
  • Submit your website to search engines for free
  • Stick to your niche!
  •  Keep your eyes peeled because there are people out there who are waiting to scam you. If you are in need of emergency cash, this is definitely not something to depend on right away. However, things do get better and start going uphill if you have the patience and dedication to make it happen.

We live in a time where private transportation is no longer a luxury. Many people consider it a need these days. With that, it would really be useful business to be selling car accessories online. In this article, we are going to teach you a thing or two on how to get started. 

Decide Whether To Get Your Own Website Or To Use An eCommerce Platform

There are loads of ways you can get started with your accessories online business for free like if you were to use eBay, Amazon, or even Facebook. But getting your own website has some perks as well. For instance, you could maximize marketing and sales through SEO and Google Ads. That is something you don’t get to do if you were only going to use a sub platform. 

Create An Inventory

It is important to keep track of what you’re selling. With that, it would be a good idea to keep an inventory. An inventory is basically just a record of all the products you are selling together with the quantities you have in your storage for each product. But before you do that, you should at least decide on the kind of car accessories that you want to sell. 

Decide Who Your Target Audience Are

Remember that we asked you to list down the type of car accessories that you want to sell. We did that because it will help you get to know who you are selling to/who you are supposed to sell to. Selling a product does not always mean waiting for someone to take notice of your product listing. In the case of car accessories, you may know people who could be interested in what you have in your inventory. You could use this information to easily make your first few sales. 

Now since you are selling car accessories, why not add more items to your arsenal? Drill accessories are always a hit. Take a look at some of them here

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most potential portals to drive in sales for your brand. Whether you wish to target sales from local customers or international ones, Instagram promises excellent exposure and business prospects. The post below offers a brief guide on how to boost sales through Instagram posts.

Don’t be too pushy

First things first, Instagram is essentially a social platform and not a shopping portal. So, you will only drive away potential customers if your posts are too salesy. It’s because pushy posts do not complement the “social” ethos of Instagram. So, it would be better if you don’t mention the price of products on every post. Rather focus on visually appealing photos and videos of your products that will highlight the awesome features and function of your offerings.

Go for lifestyle photos

Enrich your posts with photos layered by life-inspired backgrounds. For example, say you run a fashion store which wants promote the latest collection of earrings. So, create photos with models decked up in those cool earrings and matching attires. It will offer a real-life visual of how amazing one would look in those earrings and inspire more views. A higher number of views usually signals better chances of conversion.

Invest in purchased views

If you want to boost sales through Instagram posts you need to show a higher number of views. A large volume of views indicate this particular post is worth the time and contains something of value. Such beliefs essentially bring in more viewers who promise high chances of conversion. It’s advised to buy views to boost your viewer-base and increase your popularity quotient. Who Needs Instagram Views?All accounts will benefit from bought views, especially those who are new on Insta. It’s difficult to generate a higher volume of views organically if you are new on Instagram.

Finally, amp up your posts with location marker, relevant hashtag and a crisp caption.

Will keeping a food diary help you lose weight? A food diary or food log is a written document of everything you eat each day – and many dieticians and nutritionists recommend that people who want to lose weight keep one. But is it really necessary?

Weight Loss Food Journals: Does Keeping a Food Journal Help Shed the Pounds?

A food log really can make it easier to lose weight. In one study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine that involved over 1,600 adults who needed to lose weight, the best predictor of whether they met their goals was whether they kept a food journal. 

Why is keeping a food journal for weight loss effective? It all comes down to awareness of what you’re eating and how many calories you’re taking in. Most people underestimate calories, and not surprisingly, the healthier the food they believe they’re eating, the fewer calories they think it has. Those underestimations can really add up. A food log forces you to be objective about what you’re eating and how many calories it contains. Moreover, Noom diet reviews will help you in developing a weight loss program that you can follow effectively. It’s all about accountability.

A Simple Way to Keep a Better Food Journal for Weight Loss

Most people simply write down what they eat when they keep a food log. According to a study at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, adding photos of the food you eat increases the effectiveness of food journaling for weight loss. When you’re able to see a picture of what you just ate, it brings you face-to-face with your dietary choices and forces you to be more objective.

It’s also important to gauge portion size so you can accurately record how many calories you ate. There are websites that show you examples of what a serving looks like so you don’t have to weigh everything you eat.

If you don’t like the idea of keeping a written food journal for weight loss, keep one online. But be prompt about recording what you eat or you may not include everything. Keep in mind that every bite counts – even food samples at the grocery store.

You should also write down your motivation for eating each item. Was it a planned part of a meal – or did you eat out of boredom? This helps you gain control of mindless snacking.

The Bottom Line?

Keeping a food journal for weight loss gives you information about how much you’re eating, and why you’re eating it – and it really can help with weight loss. Give it a try.

Established in 1856, Burberry introduces the newest winter collection of exquisite classic leather totes, satchels and shoulder designer handbags. Here are a few of Burberry’s newest winter collection of leather designer handbags.

Burberry Lauderdale Shoulder Bag

The Burberry Lauderdale Shoulder Bag is a lovely shoulder designer handbag with bronze calf leather. This beautiful designer handbag has dark nickel hardware, buckled shoulder strap with rings and ruched front pocket detail with Burberry logo plate at front.

Burberry Felday Demi Bag

The Burberry Felday Demi Bag has a flattering ruched detail design with buckled shoulder strap. This stylish demi handbag highlights a Burberry logo plate at front and unique classic patterns. The Burberry Felday Demi Bag is available in cooper and black calf leather.

Burberry Baby Beaton Bag

The Burberry Baby Beaton Bag has a beautiful dark nickel leather design, sliver tone hardware, buckled shoulder straps with cinched top with tassle detail. This appealing designer handbag highlights a nova check canvas detail at front and is available in berry red.

Burberry Signature Leather Trim Check Small Satchel

The Burberry Signature Leather Trim Check Small Satchel is a Burberry original with stunning black leather trim. This tasteful leather satchel handbag has tonal topstitching, gold tone hardware, top handles with rings and kick pleat front. The Burberry Signature Leather Trim Check Small Satchel features the Burberry House Check with Equestrian Knight logo, a zip top, inside zip and cell phone pockets. This classic leather satchel has a brown canvas lining available in the color chocolate.

Burberry Roll-up Carry All Tote

The Burberry Roll-up Carry All Tote is an excellent designer tote for all your personal items. This fashionable tote has a zip top, comfortable shoulder straps, pale trench with black nylon and leather trim. The Burberry Roll-up Carry All Tote boast the Burberry Signature Equestrian Knight embroidery on front and is available in the color crimson red.

 Burberry Trench Shoulder Bag

The Burberry Trench Shoulder Bag is an attractive designer handbag with gold tone hardware, tonal topstitching with gold tone hardware, tonal topstitching, buckled top handles with detachable shoulder strap for versatility. This trendy designer handbag has a belt detail with Burberry signature logo plate on front. The Burberry Trench shoulder handbag is available in the colors tan and black calf leather. For the shoulder bags, the selection of the bags at site will provide potential benefits. A logo will be present to indicate the luxurious tags. The design has been done to provide relief and ease to carry the bags at shoulders. 

If you are looking for the perfect luxurious leather designer handbag, visitBurberry online or your local upscale department store.

Nothing gives more pleasure than the thought of going out on a romantic outing with your girlfriend and chance a glimpse of that killer smile on her face and you are willing to give anything to see it radiantly adorning her lips all the time.

The feelings that you have for her makes you feel that you have accomplished everything in life where you want to turn her every wish and desire into your purposeful goal in life.

Well, those times were too good and innocent to be true but now the things are quite different if not the exact opposite because today love is all about sex, sleaze, live in relationships, dirty and adult jokes, sharing of vulgar videos and messages and so on.

Serious Content

The romantic passion has materialized into dangerous obsession and over possessiveness where one cannot stand anyone from the opposite sex have so much as a few seconds of conversation with your special someone.

What is interesting is that this is the case with both males and females, thereby breaking the stereotype that only men cross their limits whereas the numerous breakups and MeToo controversies have a completely different story to tell.

Regardless, dating is still a noteworthy option to get to know the person you have come across and serves as a purpose to understand his/her personality better so as to decide if this person is worthy enough to be your life partner.

Here are some professional ways to use dating services:

  • Zapoznanstva is no laughing matter so take care to conduct extensive research on the person as social media profiles can be quite deceiving
  • Try using a Google voice number rather than your personal number because you can’t judge anybody’s agenda and revealing your number would prove risky
  • Having a telephonic conversation is the most foolproof way to get to know about anybody before dating as it gives an idea about what to expect

Vacations are supposed to be a time for rest and relaxation. Your main aim is to unwind from the stresses of daily living and chill yourselves out. However, this is rather elusive considering the multiple preparations you have to make prior to the trip. You have to clean the house, prepare the family’s meals, and the list goes on. With these tasks, your supposed-to-be vacation may turn into a demanding endeavor. Give yourself a favor and hire a housekeeper for your vacation house! Here are a few tips on how to hire the best person to do the job:

Neighborhood Aid

If you are constant visitor of your vacation house, it is inevitable for you to meet neighbors. Once you established a bond between them, ask them for possible referrals. They know the qualified and credible people around town to take care of a vacation house so they are your best bets. Since possible employees have some personal connection with you, you won’t have to worry about trust issues and the like. The work should be performed under the guidelines laid down for препоръчайте професионален домоуправител. The connection of the person with neighbors will be strong. It will increase the interaction of the owner with the relatives and family as per the choice.


Drive around town and you will surely see postings everywhere regarding household help and cleaning maintenance; coffee shops and dry cleaners are the most feasible establishments. Save up their phone numbers and make your inquiries freely. If you would want, you could also post your own advertisements. Don’t limit yourself to the traditional postings, explore and dominate the cyberspace too. Once you have a number of applicants, you could select according to your preferences.

Holy Help

Another good place to resort to is the town church. Priests and other religious officers know the folks around and they know who among them are trustworthy and dependable for the job. Regular church goers are more likely to have good qualities; therefore, you can be sure of their amiability. Also, check out the church’s bulletin board for town folks who are in search for jobs

Professional Services

If you want a genuine professional service, then inquire for such a couple of days prior to your planned vacation. Try searching big advertisements in newspapers, magazines, local phone books and television commercials. These companies have more profound and better services since they are commercialized. However, they usually charge higher due to obvious reasons. This is the best option if you are not contented with informal referrals and hiring processes.

Don’t get lazy double checking personal backgrounds and records of applicants. You are about to entrust your whole house and family to this person so better do some extensive research. If you don’t have enough time to do this, you could just hire an instant one-day cleaning service so you could watch over them. Obtaining success in housekeeper hunt may seem hard; but not with proper interventions. Just always keep in mind that safety precautions must be implemented.

There are many sites out there offering a wide variety of free blog templates. Blog templates are essentially pre-made designs for your blog coming in a wide range of colors, formats, text options, graphics, frames, and more. They are usually used by people who want a great looking blog but may not know how to code in HTML.

Free blog templates offer up the designs for preview, then allow anyone to copy the HTML code and paste it into their blog when editing their blog. Then when ever anyone views the blog, the template selected is displayed on the person’s blog.

But are free blog templates good and worth the time? There are pros and cons to free blog templates and they’ll help you decide if you should use a template for your blog design. You can also refer to sites like WebpageScientist to know more about what you can expect when creating sites.



These free blog templates are free. Some may cost money, but if they are truly free then this may be their greatest asset. You just can’t beat free.

Easy to setup –

The templates usually only require the blogger to copy the HTML code for the associated template they want, then just paste it where directed to on their blog editing page. It is easy and quick to use and change templates.

Look good –

What looks good is in the eye of the beholder, but if you have a blog and want it to look good, you might use a free blog template to get the look you want. Of course you run the risk of picking a template that other bloggers already use, so it is unlikely your blog will look completely unique.


Limited customizing –

Unless you know HTML code, you may not be able to customize the blog template you choose. You may get the option to change the colors or fonts in some parts of the template, but without HTML knowledge, there isn’t much you can do to make your template yours. They tend to be used by many people at once.


Some blog templates that are free may come with built in ads. Usually these ads are small images or text links within the template advertising where you got the blog template from. So you paid nothing for the template, whats a little advertisement supporting the site it came from? These little ads just show that you simply copied and pasted code of a pre-made template to put on your personal blog.

Along the same line as ads, some blog templates that are free might contain spyware or malicious codes embedded in the code. Your template might look good, but the template might be just a carrier for malicious programs. Also these blog templates can be compromised by hackers and the template code could be altered.

But in the end free blog templates for what they are worth can give your blog a nice look and nice touch if you do not know HTML or know how to create your own templates. Your best option is to look for sites that allow you to build your own template and allow you to do so without HTML or coding knowledge. Of course if you know how to code templates, you don’t need free, already made blog templates to make your blog the best looking one around.

The online casino has changed the way how people invest in gambling. Many casino websites can be found on the internet where you can create an account in order to start playing slot games. As you know, online casinos offer plentiful benefits, including bonuses and rewards. You need to know all about the different types of bonuses provided by casinos.  While playing casino games online, you should grab all the bonuses and promotional rewards to improve your bankroll. You should keep reading this post to know more about casino bonuses and its benefits.

Types of bonuses

The casino websites offer several types of bonuses that you can grab to increase the balance in your account. Usually, most of the casinos offer a sign-up bonus that can be claimed by gamblers after creating an account. The other types of bonuses provided by online casinos are –

  • Welcome bonuses
  • Deposit bonuses
  • Promotion bonuses
  • No-deposit bonuses
  • Referral bonuses
  • Match bonuses

After knowing all about these bonuses, you can take their advantages to enhance your bankroll. You can grab these bonuses only by playing slot games on the casino website. The land-based casinos are not offering any bonus for the gamblers, and that’s why the online casinos are more in demand.

Benefits of bonuses

While playing bandar judi bola and other types of casino games, you should implement the tips and tricks to make money faster. Never forget to claim your bonuses as it will increase the balance in your account. With the help of winning an extra amount of money, you can invest the same to play more games. When you play more, you will win more. It can improve your strategies, which will help you to be an advanced gambler.

As if there was ever any doubt, this is Kaiju… This time I’m tackling rumors about a new Call of Duty- one being considered as a PS3 exclusive. Black Ops.

Considered by many to be among the greatest shooters crafted this generation, the Call of Duty games have earned their spot on any FPS (See: 360 Fan) fan’s shelf. When the series jumped from the WWII era to ‘Modern Warfare’, many gamers at first called foul on Activision. However others found the change of scenery to be a breath of fresh air for the very-much stale series. While the sellers are offering LoL Smurf Accounts for Sale, all the benefits should be in the knowledge of the players. The passing of the previous level is not an easy task, There should be possessing of adequate skills and excellent to play the video game. 

While millions were willing to hurl themselves to the ground in support of the original Modern Warfare, not quite so many were wowed by the sequel. Why the slight fall from grace? Numerous gamers found that Modern Warfare 2 fell into too many online shooter pitfalls previously evaded by the original. What mistakes did MW2 make and how is that translating into PS3 exclusive?

How do you screw up mindless shooting?

Frankly, MW2 tried too hard to attract the typical 360 shooter fan. It offered up considerably larger maps with innumerable camping spots, it heavily rewarded mediocre players, lost much of the previous weapon balance, and redesigned the perk system to act more as a ‘getting cheaper everyday’ feature. Overall, everything that made the original an addictive, balanced, innovative shooter was dropped in favor of dumbing it down for the instant-gratification audience.

When MW2 players hopped online to show off their skills, they were greeted by immense maps with perfectly still opponents. Nobody moves an inch unless it’s to adjust their aim. ‘Camping’ is the name of the game- winning is as simple as sitting in the same spot waiting for an unsuspecting victim to walk by. No firefights, no strategy, no skill- just hiding and sneaking in shots. Players were subjected to not only the usual racism, profanity, and ignorance- now they had major camping to deal with online.

After gamers turned off their consoles traded in their copies of Modern Warfare 2, they hit the one place where they could vulgarly vent without a potential lawsuit or throat jab- the forums. Thousands flooded the internet with new iterations of the COD title with ‘noob’ now included. The most common? Camp of Duty Modern Noobfare 2. Not pretty folks.

Cutting out the 360

But there’s talk of change- or is there? Among the changes- smaller stages, fewer blind-spots (See: Camping spots), and -gasp- a Playstation 3 exclusive? In what would surely be an effort to claim total use of PS3’s processors, the next CoD could be PS3 Exclusive.

Why It’s Likely:

Hard to say here. It isn’t like we’re definitely talking about a numbered sequel- who’s to say a PS3 exclusive spin-off isn’t on the way? What does Activison have to gain from cutting out one HD console in favor of another?

Surprisingly little. Sure they build up a little loyalty from the Sony Fanboys, but aside from that meager restitution- there’s not much incentive. Although the prospect of entirely free online play (no Xbox Live this time around), greater graphical achievements, and the added bonus of a mandatory HDD, you do start to see the benefits. Perhaps a PS3 exclusive Call of Duty wouldn’t be so bad! Especially since there’s no longer the need to please the aggressive, tea-bagging 360 fans by focusing on the camping element.

Why It Might Suck:

  1. Ah! My Eyes!

Far too much of a focus on graphics cripples the rest of the gameplay.

  1. Déjà vu

Game is pretty much an altered copy of Modern Warfare 2 with smaller maps, enhanced balance, and a new title  amp; price tag.

  1. Boycott!

Fickle HD gamers have a way of ruining any initiative on a developers’ part- usually through threats of a boycott. Couldn’t you imagine 360 gamers flooding forums with threats of a boycott due to lack of a multiplatform release.

  1. WWII again, huh?

Rather than follow the newly established setting, it turns out to be little more than World War 2 in HD again.

  1. Rehash! Err… Remake!

The PS3 exclusive could be little more than a dolled up remake of a previous Call of Duty game.

  1. The Revamp? No!

Developers treat could treat the game like a typical HD revamp (See: Sonic the Hedgehog, Dynasty Warriors 6, Bomberman Act Zero, Resident Evil 5, Street Fighter 4, etc) and totally alter the gameplay solely in the interest of ‘change’. Bad ideas ensue.

  1. Is Later Released on 360

Now there’s nothing wrong with a multiplatform release, but it’s downright dishonest to secretly use ‘timed exclusives’. The fact is, people buy new consoles for exclusives. Imagine the rage some 360 gamer would get after purchasing one for Call of Duty: PS3, only to have it announced for his favored console with special content three months later.

  1. Is Actually Scrapped Former Project

It’s hard to name something more insulting than having a developer retool a previously canceled game into something meant to deceive gamers as something new.

  1. Alright, kids! Let’s go camping!

Game is simply- Camp of Duty: PS3.

  1. Rushed!

It’s painfully obvious when a developer cuts corners and releases a game long before it should have been. Common afflictions of rushed games include- botched multiplayer, imbalance, glitches, lost features, and lack of polish.

Should a Playstation 3 exclusive Call of Duty game get announced, will it fall into any of these pitfalls? I suppose not. A month after I published this rumor, Black Ops was revealed to the world and was announced as multiplatform. My source was good to me- though they dropped the possibility of it being exclusive. Blink and you miss it. Strange creature, traitor to the world- this has been Kaiju.