The North Shore beaches of Kauai, Hawaii are known for their excellent surfing conditions and unique snorkeling spots. However, many of these beaches are subjected to rough water conditions at times, especially during the winter months. Knowing about these North Shore Kauai beaches can help you plan a great vacation that is both safe and fun for your entire family.

North Shore beaches of Kauai, Hawaii: Lifeguard patrolled-beaches

Some of Kauai’s North Shore beaches are very dangerous for swimmers and snorkelers, so check with a lifeguard before entering the water. The more dangerous beaches, like Polihale and Lumahai, may not even have lifeguards because the water conditions are so dangerous. For this reason, it is best to stick to the lifeguard-patrolled beaches in Kauai as these will be the safest areas. The lifeguards in Kauai are actually members of the Kauai Fire Department. Fire engines in Kauai almost always have a surfboard strapping onto the top of the vehicle, allowing the firemen to easily pull double-duty if a water emergency strikes. Of course, just because the beach has a lifeguard does not mean the water is always safe to swim in. Always check the ocean conditions before swimming or snorkeling on any of Kauai’s great beaches.

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North Shore beaches of Kauai, Hawaii: Hanalei Pavilion Beach Park

On the North Shore of Kauai, you will only find two beaches that are lifeguard-patrolled. The water conditions on this part of the island can be rough at certain times of the year. Hanalei Pavilion Beach Park is a very popular tourist spot in the summer months, but the water turns harsh in the winter. This does not stop the local surfers from braving the waves, however. Rather than heading into the dangerous water themselves, winter visitors to this Kauai, Hawaii beach can stay on the sand and entertain themselves by watching the locals attempting this challenge. Located in the middle of Hanalei Bay, this Kauai beach has shallow water that is calm in the summer and makes a good spot for families to take their children for a swim.

North Shore beaches of Kauai, Hawaii: Haena Beach Park

The other North Shore beach on Kauai, Hawaii is Haena Beach Park. This beach is often completely closed to tourists during the winter because the water conditions are so dangerous. It is safer during the summer months, but water conditions can still be quite hazardous. As always, check with the lifeguard to find out if it is safe to enter the water at Haena Beach Park on Kauai. If you are interested in snorkeling, your best bet is down the Haena Beach to Tunnels Beach, one of the world’s most beautiful snorkeling spots. The lifeguard can tell you where the best place is to enter the water for either snorkeling or swimming.