Buddhism also known as the road to nirvana. Here are the three basic concepts of Buddhism. There are some places in nirvana Singapore where you can attain power to get rid of your sufferings.

  1. The selfless man

In Buddhism the concept of ‘self’ is nothing but is an illusion. The term anatta which is very commonly used in Buddhism is composed of elements that are body, sensation, perception, will and consciousness. These elements are in a constant state of change but the following elements create the not self-illusion of continuity.


  1. Rebirth or Resurrection

As per Buddhist thoughts death of a bodily self leads to disaggregation of their re birth into another self which neither totally different nor fully identical from previous birth. An analogy is often used by many people to describe resurrection that is passing of a flame from one candle to another. That is why nirvana in Buddhism is described as the end of all the sufferings.

  1. Heaven or Nibbana

The cycle of rebirth can be broken if the hanging self is able to pass its subjective image of the world, which are both unconscious and unconscious. Consciousness is a sequence of conscious moments. Each moment of an individual’s life consists of an experience, or of the individual’s mind state such as thought, feeling, and perceptions. Rebirth is nothing but the persistence of these moments and that is how the process goes on.

Comparison of Hinduism and Buddhist doctrine


The Buddhist doctrine should not be mixed up with the Hinduism doctrine especially when it is about reincarnation. In Hindu doctrine they emphasise on ‘atma’ and its presence even after the death of the body. It is believed that after the death of the body the atma of the body resides among us for a while, usually to fulfil their unfinished desire they stay back and once their desire is fulfilled they leave for heaven.

The same is believed in Singapore doctrine, that even after death of a human being their spirits or ‘atma’ resides among us. They often show up to their near and dear ones. The sprits protect their close ones.

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