As if there was ever any doubt, this is Kaiju… This time I’m tackling rumors about a new Call of Duty- one being considered as a PS3 exclusive. Black Ops.

Considered by many to be among the greatest shooters crafted this generation, the Call of Duty games have earned their spot on any FPS (See: 360 Fan) fan’s shelf. When the series jumped from the WWII era to ‘Modern Warfare’, many gamers at first called foul on Activision. However others found the change of scenery to be a breath of fresh air for the very-much stale series. While the sellers are offering LoL Smurf Accounts for Sale, all the benefits should be in the knowledge of the players. The passing of the previous level is not an easy task, There should be possessing of adequate skills and excellent to play the video game. 

While millions were willing to hurl themselves to the ground in support of the original Modern Warfare, not quite so many were wowed by the sequel. Why the slight fall from grace? Numerous gamers found that Modern Warfare 2 fell into too many online shooter pitfalls previously evaded by the original. What mistakes did MW2 make and how is that translating into PS3 exclusive?

How do you screw up mindless shooting?

Frankly, MW2 tried too hard to attract the typical 360 shooter fan. It offered up considerably larger maps with innumerable camping spots, it heavily rewarded mediocre players, lost much of the previous weapon balance, and redesigned the perk system to act more as a ‘getting cheaper everyday’ feature. Overall, everything that made the original an addictive, balanced, innovative shooter was dropped in favor of dumbing it down for the instant-gratification audience.

When MW2 players hopped online to show off their skills, they were greeted by immense maps with perfectly still opponents. Nobody moves an inch unless it’s to adjust their aim. ‘Camping’ is the name of the game- winning is as simple as sitting in the same spot waiting for an unsuspecting victim to walk by. No firefights, no strategy, no skill- just hiding and sneaking in shots. Players were subjected to not only the usual racism, profanity, and ignorance- now they had major camping to deal with online.

After gamers turned off their consoles traded in their copies of Modern Warfare 2, they hit the one place where they could vulgarly vent without a potential lawsuit or throat jab- the forums. Thousands flooded the internet with new iterations of the COD title with ‘noob’ now included. The most common? Camp of Duty Modern Noobfare 2. Not pretty folks.

Cutting out the 360

But there’s talk of change- or is there? Among the changes- smaller stages, fewer blind-spots (See: Camping spots), and -gasp- a Playstation 3 exclusive? In what would surely be an effort to claim total use of PS3’s processors, the next CoD could be PS3 Exclusive.

Why It’s Likely:

Hard to say here. It isn’t like we’re definitely talking about a numbered sequel- who’s to say a PS3 exclusive spin-off isn’t on the way? What does Activison have to gain from cutting out one HD console in favor of another?

Surprisingly little. Sure they build up a little loyalty from the Sony Fanboys, but aside from that meager restitution- there’s not much incentive. Although the prospect of entirely free online play (no Xbox Live this time around), greater graphical achievements, and the added bonus of a mandatory HDD, you do start to see the benefits. Perhaps a PS3 exclusive Call of Duty wouldn’t be so bad! Especially since there’s no longer the need to please the aggressive, tea-bagging 360 fans by focusing on the camping element.

Why It Might Suck:

  1. Ah! My Eyes!

Far too much of a focus on graphics cripples the rest of the gameplay.

  1. Déjà vu

Game is pretty much an altered copy of Modern Warfare 2 with smaller maps, enhanced balance, and a new title  amp; price tag.

  1. Boycott!

Fickle HD gamers have a way of ruining any initiative on a developers’ part- usually through threats of a boycott. Couldn’t you imagine 360 gamers flooding forums with threats of a boycott due to lack of a multiplatform release.

  1. WWII again, huh?

Rather than follow the newly established setting, it turns out to be little more than World War 2 in HD again.

  1. Rehash! Err… Remake!

The PS3 exclusive could be little more than a dolled up remake of a previous Call of Duty game.

  1. The Revamp? No!

Developers treat could treat the game like a typical HD revamp (See: Sonic the Hedgehog, Dynasty Warriors 6, Bomberman Act Zero, Resident Evil 5, Street Fighter 4, etc) and totally alter the gameplay solely in the interest of ‘change’. Bad ideas ensue.

  1. Is Later Released on 360

Now there’s nothing wrong with a multiplatform release, but it’s downright dishonest to secretly use ‘timed exclusives’. The fact is, people buy new consoles for exclusives. Imagine the rage some 360 gamer would get after purchasing one for Call of Duty: PS3, only to have it announced for his favored console with special content three months later.

  1. Is Actually Scrapped Former Project

It’s hard to name something more insulting than having a developer retool a previously canceled game into something meant to deceive gamers as something new.

  1. Alright, kids! Let’s go camping!

Game is simply- Camp of Duty: PS3.

  1. Rushed!

It’s painfully obvious when a developer cuts corners and releases a game long before it should have been. Common afflictions of rushed games include- botched multiplayer, imbalance, glitches, lost features, and lack of polish.

Should a Playstation 3 exclusive Call of Duty game get announced, will it fall into any of these pitfalls? I suppose not. A month after I published this rumor, Black Ops was revealed to the world and was announced as multiplatform. My source was good to me- though they dropped the possibility of it being exclusive. Blink and you miss it. Strange creature, traitor to the world- this has been Kaiju.