Currently, there are countless websites that stream videos, be it movies, songs or even live events. It may not always be possible to view the complete video online as you might have work or are travelling. Vidmate apk helps you overcome that obstacle. Download as many videos on your smartphone or tablet from the hundreds of streaming and sharing sites and watch them later without the need of an internet connection.vidmate Video Search Engine

This application not only allows you to download videos, but also search and view them from various websites. You can also download your favourite TV shows from many of the most popular channels. Sports, fashion, music, movies and many more channels can be accessed through this application. The application covers a wide array of videos in many different languages. The downloader also lets you choose the download format for the video you wish to get. It allows you to watch and download HD videos and also view live TV.vidmate-apk

Highlights of Vidmate

  • HD video download: Download HD videos from any of the hundreds os websites. You can also download videos in lesser formats to save space on your device.
  • High Quality Music: Supports thousands of songs in various languages.
  • Unlimited Downloads: Download as much as you want. Movies available in various languages, wide array of genres and choice of different formats to save on your device.
  • TV Shows: Download the latest TV shows from the various popular TV channels.
  • Multiple Download: Saves time by downloading multiple videos simultaneously. You don’t have to wait to finish downloading one video before starting another one.
  • Pause Download: Gives you the ability to pause and restart downloads.
  • Live TV: You can also watch a number of TV shows live using this application. Especially useful when travelling.
  • Background Download: You can start the downloading process for a video and keep using your device for any other purpose. The video will be downloading in the background without interrupting or interfering with your work.

By default, Vidmate provides shortcuts for only the most popular video streaming and sharing sites, however, you can add shortcuts to many other websites of your choice.


All the downloads are organised in the virtual library according to download date, so that you don’t spend a lot of time looking for the downloaded video.

Operating System

Vidmate can be downloaded on smartphones and tablets running on Android. It can also be installed on mobile devices using other operating systems like iOS and Windows.

The application can also be installed on your laptop or computer.


Using Vidmate, you can also access many games and other applications for your entertainment.

Voted the best

According to many surveys, Vidmate has been rated as the most popular download companion for mobile devices. Most people find the interface of the application easy to use and practical. The users also like the variety this application offers.

Stay Safe

Be careful of what you download. Downloading copyright content is illegal and can attract fines or legal action.

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