Every now and then we come across a private profile on Instagram that genuinely catches our attention and we want to see what kind of photos they upload but don’t actually feel like adding them. How to view someone’s private Instagram photos? Well, traditionally we are left with no other choice but to actually follow them or take the long route and create a dummy account; the latter takes quite the time and dedication on your part. The good news is that these two choices are not the only options available today thanks to websites and online applications like PrivateInstaViewer.com.

The people and programmers behind this online tool dedicated considerable time, effort and resources into developing and making this tool possible. Out of the goodness of their heart, they made the tool accessible to the public, the only ask that it won’t be misused. Essentially, Private Insta Viewer allows the user to open and view photos and profiles on Instagram that are set on private while the said user retains their anonymous status. The team is composed of five developers that work constantly to enhance the experience of the users.

Private Insta Viewer is compatible with all operating systems and smart devices, plus it doesn’t require any additional software for the tool to work; this is highly convenient. Also, unlike other similar online tools out there, Private Insta Viewer does not require their users to input private information, download certain applications or signup on other websites that appear to be sketchy. The only information that this online tool requires is the URL of the private account that the user wants to view and that’s basically it. Above all, Private Insta Viewer keeps the anonymity of the user, so any activity on the app won’t be traced back to the users.