Literature is one of the most important and pivotal parts of human life. There can be no exact and constant definition of the term but just some characteristics, coined through ages and still being gathered and introduced. The way “life” cannot be properly defined, so cannot be “literature”. That is one of the most vividly relatable factors or attributes of literature! It speaks for the change. It stands for the change. It records the transformation. It presents the only constancy of the universe, that is- transformation! The change called “life”. Therefore, literature is of absolute importance in human life and so is any kind of كتب that is born of it.1_life-writing-banner Literature:-

One needs a sound or proper education in order to enjoy the benefits of or learn more about life and the universe from literature. So, literacy plays a crucial role as it almost works as a decoder of literature. Once a person is well equipped with the ability to read, the enchanting and engaging world of literature gets unlocked to him and once he gets the flavor of it, he will reach out to literature and acquire all the beautiful offerings that it provides. It does not take a scholar to like, love, be inspired by or create a literary piece. Anybody with a passion for literature and passion for life is well adorned by literature.6a00d8341c630a53ef010536ae7ccd970c-800wi


Literature is fundamentally, any kind of writing that represents art in a certain form and possesses certain artistic or intellectual value and deploys a unique kind of usage of language and sometimes even ideas, slightly deviating from the conventional traits. Sometimes the piece is sang or recited also. The classifications vary basing on either historical periods or eras and their aesthetic notions and features that they represent, which is referred as-‘genres’.

The major methods or techniques are:-

  • Poetry,

The media release of literature includes:-

  • Book

The other classifications are of two categories, the genres and the major forms of presentation of literary pieces.

The genres are:-

  • History,
  • Satire,
  • Tragedy,
  • Comedy,
  • Tragicomedy,
  • Mythology,
  • Fantasy,
  • Fiction,
  • Farse,
  • Epic,
  • Lyric etcetera.

The forms of presentation include:-

  • Poem,
  • Drama,
  • Novel,
  • Short story,
  • Novella etcetera.

Apart from the techniques and presentations or styles that a literary piece can be of or can represent and belong to, there are certain tools or use of styles and ideas that are used to enhance the quality of the work. These techniques or styles are referred as –“literary devices.” There are a myriad of literary devices available and exemplified in literature.

To view some of the brief ideas, the examples found in English literatures are described:-

  • Hamartia- Found in William Shakespeare’s play ‘Hamlet’,
  • Anagnorisis- Found in William Shakespeare’s tragedy ‘Othello’,
  • Round and Flat character,
  • Antagonist,
  • Protagonist,
  • Plot,
  • Point of view,
  • Climax,
  • Chorus,
  • Aside,
  • Soliloquy,
  • Dramatic monologue,
  • Interior monologue etcetera.

Apart from all the classifications and categorizations, the beautiful evolution of literature and the humans are vividly recorded and can be explained the best when gone through a periodical survey, through the eras. World literature can be brought down to a wonderful brief flow-chart and it is absolutely stunning.

The way it evolved through ages goes like

  1. Pre-Classical age,
  2. Classical age,
  3. Ancient medieval age,
  4. Medieval age,
  5. Pre modern and Modern age,
  6. Post modern age.

Ancient Egyptian, Sumerian etcetera are included in the pre-classical era. The classical period followed with Greek, Hebrew, Latin, Pali, Sanskrit, Prakrit etcetera. Next era of ancient medievalism sees the rise of matter of France, matter of Britain, matter of Rome, Byzantine and Georgian etcetera. Medieval age was the successor with works of old and Middle English, old Irish, Japan, Korea, Turkey, Nepal etcetera. Pre-modern age followed with renaissance and modern age saw the rise of all the late 18th, all of 19th centuries’ world literature. Post modern age is the age that is going on and it gives birth to some remarkable works of literature every single day, around the globe.

Literature fascinates the human soul. It makes one grow. Without literature, the human civilization would very much be a boat without the hull. Literature is life. And life, therefore, is literature.

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