Eco slim is a herbal supplement aimed at helping you maintain a healthy weight. It promotes a healthy metabolism by aiding your digestive system by processing dietary fat. It is a safe and non-addictive herbal supplement which works very well alongside other slimming programs.

About Ecoslim Drops

Ecoslim drops is one product of the brand Native Remedies. This is a company which is focused on natural remedies for health infections and disorders. It helps in proper absorption or nutrients which improves your energy levels greatly.

All products by Native Remedies are manufactured under the highest standards. Our manufacturing plant is FDA registered. We have teams of highly qualified medical and research professionals.


To get the maximum benefit from all the herbs in Ecoslim Drops, we use the full spectrum extraction method.

How it works

Ecoslim herbal supplement helps you shed excess weight while maintaining a healthy weight. It has been proven to yield results with no side effects. It helps support the functions of the digestive system by breaking down fats and helps maintain a good balance of sugar levels.

Every bottle of Ecoslim herbal supplement contains 60ml of the solution. Depending on use, it can last up to 40 days.

Ecoslim reviews

Many users claimed that Ecoslim helped them lose excess weight. Some mentioned their energy levels were good and they didn’t feel hungry, fatigued or irritable. They stated they felt less hungry and it helped them from bingeing on excess food. Many users also mentioned they did not have any adverse reactions after using EcoSlim drops.

The product is quite affordable and it is homeopathic meaning it takes time to show results which might not be ideal for people who expect quick or immediate results.


Ecoslim drops are ideal for people who are keen on maintaining good eating habits, attaining proper rest, managing stress better and exercise regularly.

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