Researches have shown that consumption of tea can have a whole lot of positive effects on our bodies. Since the L-Theanine content is high in tea, it can pump up our mood and performance. Are you looking for a healthy tea to add to your daily meals? Then, Kenko Ashitaba tea could be a healthy and best option for you.Kenko ashitaba tea manufactured by a Japanese company named Kenko is one such product that is rich in antioxidants. This tea is made from miraculous Ashitaba plant which has some powerful medicinal properties. This plant has proved to work against many diseases. A detailed information on this product is available on

Kenko ashitaba tea with its unique composition is not helpful in improving concentration but is also jitter free. Due to its benefits, Japanese people have included this tea in their daily diets. Kenko ashitaba can be bought according to your tea tastes i.e. black or green. This product is made in traditional low heat processing methods. The integrity and benefits of the leaves are preserved and then made in a powdered form. To enjoy the benefits of this natural product, one needs to add only 1-1/2 spoon of tea powder into a bowl of hot water.

Due to its natural properties, this tea has no ill-effects unless prescribed by a doctor. Ashitaba is now also available in the form of noodles, icecreams and candies. Ashitaba powder can also be added to smoothies, salads, rice and soups. This tea reserves the process of ageing, fights cancer, boosts metabolism, controls weight, lessen pain and anxiety and so on. Ashitaba tea has more positive effects than any green tea. Consuming of ashitaba should be avoided during pregnancy or breast feeding. The dose of ashitaba depends on one’s health and age. Due to its superior quality, this product might be a bit expensive. Kenko Ashitaba tea can be purchased on Amazon. To keep you and your family healthy, add  this wondrous and miraculous tea to your diet.