Earning money for our daily expenses is hard. It takes time to sacrifice and body to utilize. In a job where you are making things and selling it after, materials are also necessary which are sometimes a burden for the workers to finish a project or to make the handicraft more beautiful.

In converting your drill press into a drum sander will be able to help you to sand inside a concave curve which is considered to be difficult to orbital sanders. An advantage for this tool is that the sand paper is replaceable. The following are the steps how to turn your drill press into drum sander:

  1. Making the drum discs

Attach the plywood to your drill press and cut out a few discs using the hole saw. The height of the drum will be equal to the total height of the discs when stacked up together. Clean up the ragged edges of the discs resulted from the hole saw. This is necessary in order to make a smooth suface when gluing together. It is advisable to use a threaded rod to keep the discs align when being glued. Add glue to another disc and put it to the rod until it is fix with the first one. Repeat the process until all are glued together. Drill the pin opening and saw the slot for sandpaper.

  1. Assemble the drum

In assembling the drum sander, insert the chuck of the hand drill and tighten in the threaded rod. Add a washer to the wood drum and finish it by adding another one and a nut to assemble the drum completely. To secure the drum in place use a wrench to tighten the nuts. Remove the assembled drum from the hand drill. Now, insert the drum to the drill press and you are ready to use it!

To see the detailed step by step process, kindly look up into this link https://www.instructables.com/id/Drill-Press-Drum-Sander/.

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