On a computer gta,5 download has an editing option where you can customize the sound as well as how you want to view your game. By using a RockstarEditor, you can easily capture and manipulate the games footage. Just remember that in a single player game, the content unlocks as you continue to move in different areas of the game. Here are ways you can use gta 5 PC download to customize your game.grand-theft-auto-v-playstation-3-ps3-1357326682-072To capture the gameplay, you can manually record so as to have access to different angles which will make editing a whole lot easier. Ensure your hard drive has enough space for this Editor. Using the appropriate keys on the keyboard, press the buttons and let the camera record the footage you want. If you get the recordingyou want then save the file, if not cancel and start the recording process.Grand-Theft-Auto-V-Screenshot-2In the gta 5 PC download, you can use the main menu in the editor to load your footage and start editing it. Using Markers, you can then change the speed and camera angle. In the camera settings, you can also zoom in or lock the view from above the character as well as the front. In the first person mode, you get a lot of restrictions when it comes to altering the camera angle.

When editing you can also add different effects like sharpness and saturation until you are pleased with the result. For a dramatic effect, you can alter the dialogue, sound effect as well as the soundtrack. You also have the freedom to increase or slow down the speed of the footage so as to create the desired effect. When working with multiple images use the thumbnail image to pinpoint a particular clip.

Creating amazing videos of the game requires knowledge of the game and skills of how you can manipulate the footage until it becomes what you want.