Having a big butt is a stigma of the past. Thanks to celebrities like Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, and many others; who have completely changed the perception towards having a big butt. Having a big butt is now considered sexy and an increasing number of women are trying to emulate these icons to sport that big butt.

Now the question you all might be eager to ask is: How to get a big butt? Here’s how –

  1. The first step is exercise:

 Do cardio

If you want to get rid of the excess fat that clings to your body, and want that toned shape so that your butt stands out. Working out your heart and lungs is the best possible way to achieve that.


  • Treadmill – while jogging, see to it that, it is the heel of the foot that touches the ground first.
  • Elliptical – stick your butt out a little bit, when you are going down.
  • On the road – Walking sideways will stretch your legs away from your body and work the butt at a different angle.


if you ask a fitness buff or a personal trainer, they would advise you to do squats to get that big butt. Squats is the number one exercise to work them glutes; attaining mastery in this will only help to speed up the process. You can do squats with a barbell or a dumbbell, depending upon your preference.

Do deadlifts

This is a very advanced form of exercise usually used in muscle building, so therefore, you must learn to do it correctly to avoid any injuries to yourself.

 Front and reverse lunges

The goal of this exercise is to work those calf muscles, thigh muscles and, to work that butt. Be sure to ask your trainer to teach you the correct form and posture for the exercise.

Perform leg raise and add kickbacks to your routine. Make sure you take at least one day of rest between workouts.

  1. Nutrition:

Your goal is to get that big butt and not bulk up like a bodybuilder. You don’t need any protein bars, powders or shakes whatsoever. Exercise is more than sufficient. However, the body needs adequate protein to function properly and help in building the new muscle.

  • Eating habits – remove white sugar from your diet and instead, include carbs like lentils, beans and brown rice. These carbs can help you lose fat around that mid-section and make your butt stand out.
  • Processed and refined goods are a big no. Stick to foods like oats, nuts and beans which will prove beneficial.
  • Increase or decrease the amount of calories you consume based on your body type.


There are other things you can try out to enhance your butt, like

  • Opting for tight-fitting jeans that enhance your posterior
  • Wear booster shorts that have removable butt pads
  • Wear clothes that clinch your waistline, giving you that flawless hourglass figure.

You could consider surgery if all of the above fails to give you the desired results. Surgery should be your last option as they are unsafe and can lead to unnecessary complications. Be patient, be disciplined, stick to your routine and you will be rocking that big butt in no time at all!

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