The new whatsapp plus is an improved version of the old one that allows for more flexibility and privacy such as sending large files like extremely large documents, audio and video files. The new version also helps to maintain your privacy by giving you the option of staying off detection while online. It greatly enhances your ability to optimize privacy settings to your contacts only see what you want them to, this also includes your location. Most people would prefer this new version for its efficiency and dynamics. How-to-Install-Whatsapp-on-PC-Without-Any-Emulator-2016-Step-by-Step-Video-Toturial-1

Most people have very vital information stored on their chat walls and do not want to lose previous chats in a bit to switch to the new improved whatsapp plus so instead they stick to the old version. Let me save you the worries. There is a very easy way to back up your previous chats so that you can retrieve them once you’ve downloaded the new version. It’s extremely easy; just follow the download whatsapp free steps;

  • Click to download whatsapp plus free
  • Open whatsapp on your device and click on settings, find chat, then backup
  • Click on back up option and wait for the process to be completed.
  • You would have to uninstall the old version in order to download the new whatsapp plus on your device.
  • Next, install the new version and after download, open and click to agree with terms and conditions to continue.
  • Enter and verify your mobile number
  • Click on restore latest back-up in order to receive all your previous chats back. Wait for the download process to complete.
  • Enter your details and change display picture if you wish.Whatsapp-on-Nokia-X1-1024x573

Whatsapp plus gives you a whole lot more and ensures better privacy while making new friends, so go ahead and get started.