Wires dangling from light fixtures or along the wall can be very ugly. Luckily it’s easy to hide these ugly wires and cables by enclosing them with wood trim and painting over it to match your walls. The hidden wire will hardly be noticeable when you are finished, but you will still be able to access it when needed. It’s easy to hide wires this way moreover you will find all the crafts material that you will need in order to finish your task on paintingkits.net at really affordable prices. Just follow these simple steps.

Hide Wires with Wood Trim

To hide your wires you should choose wood trim that looks like a pyramid. The wire will then fit in the hollow cavity of the triangular wood trim. There are several sizes you can choose from, so be sure to take a sample of the wires you wish to hide when you go to buy the wood trim. If the wire fits snuggly in the triangular cavity, then the wood trim is the right size and will hide the wire completely. Buy enough wood trim to cover the length of the wire you wish to hide.

Once back at home, place the wire in the wood trim and, using a glue gun, fix the hidden wire and wood trim to the wall. Leave enough free wire at the end to reach needed electrical sockets. Use painter’s tape to fix the wood trim in place while the glue dries, otherwise, the hidden wire will push the wood trim up.

Hide Wires with Matching Paint

Once the wood trim hiding the wire is dry, remove the painter’s tape. Now sand off any clumps of glue that may remain along the edges. Then paint the wood trim to match the color of your wall, and if necessary use two coats. If the wall is a single color the wood trim will be more noticeable than if the wall has a textured finish. Therefore, if you want the hidden wires and wood trim to blend in almost imperceptibly, paint the room in a faux finish. This is especially easy using the sea sponge faux painting technique described in this article. The end result will be not just to hide your wires but to add elegance to your room. And if you need to access the hidden wire again in future, just pull the wood trim off, though be prepared to have to repaint that area of the wall.

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