We are living in times when human beings have nothing but hatred and jealousy for each other where everyone is engaged in backstabbing for the most innocuous of excuses simply to gain the upper hand and move up the social ladder in order to achieve success in life.

The current times are such that it has become difficult to trust anybody, even your near and dear ones as can be seen in the newspapers where there is a property dispute or honor killing every other day.

When it comes to hatred, nothing can be as strong and hard hitting as business rivalries where two or more companies battle it out due to cut throat competition in the market and forever engage in one-upmanship in a bid to establish supremacy, which continues for many generations altogether.


Sometimes, it is better to forget old rivalries and let bygones be bygones as life is too short for such futile things and blind hatred with jealousy added to the mixture can only lead to destruction.

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