What are FRIV games?

FRIV is a website that hosts hundreds of free flash games which the children can play to engage in some harmless fun. Usually meant for kids, sometimes adults indulge in some game time too. FRIV has become very popular, especially among teens due to its addicting and easy-to-play games. The website is completely safe from any sort of cyber bullying and does not contain any abusive language or content that is inappropriate for children. The content on the website is very sparse and navigating to your game becomes difficult as the name of the game shows only when you hover over the game tile.

What’s the appeal of friv games?

Friv games are very popular among school kids, teens, and young adults. Sometimes even adults play these games. The website has a wide range of games that are intuitive and fun to play. There may also be some educational value to the games – as some games test your math and logical reasoning skills. However, it is unclear as to what a game might teach since it is not always explicitly mentioned.


The games are displayed in the form of tiles, and you just have to hover over the tile with your mouse and click it, to play. All the games run on flash, so it’s necessary to have the latest version of flash installed on your computer. The website currently has seven hundred plus games and is categorized such as Action, Shoot ‘em up, Puzzles, sports, Adventure etc.

If you are new to the website, here’s a list of few popular games:

  • Angry Birds Rovio: This game tops the charts and is undisputedly the best game of all time. The game features a fight between cute colorful birds and conniving pigs who has stolen their eggs.
  • Red Driver 2: This game is another favorite where you drive around in a blazing red car and compete against other drivers on different race tracks.
  • Monster Truck demolition: As its name suggests, you assume control of one of the biggest monster trucks and you are allowed to go on a rampage; destroying other trucks to your heart’s content.

The friv team is dedicated to providing quality games that run on almost all kinds of devices be it Smartphones, desktop, and laptop. Friv games post a new game every day! You don’t have to play the same game anymore as you discover novel ways to kill time.


There’s an educational side to the friv website. There exists a friv4school website that promotes learning through video games. Some teachers might disagree with video games being used as educational tools but it’s a proven fact that children respond better to simulations than illustrations. Children are more receptive to ideas and concepts when explained through a video or presentation than plain text. Here are a few popular educational games on friv4school –

  • First day at school – this game teaches children on how to conduct yourself at school and how to properly deal with your teachers, staff, and even bullies.
  • Harry the hamster – This game teaches children how to count by arranging numbered bricks to form a structure.
  • Game over gopher – a stimulating game for kids aged 9 onwards.

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