There are various methods and products used by estheticians for exfoliation; some are natural organic products while others are skin products made with chemical compounds. One exfoliating treatment that has been undermined is dermaplaning.

What is dermaplaning?

This exfoliation technique is not new, however, hasn’t gotten the much attention it deserves. Dermaplaning is a technique that requires the use of a sterile scalpel in removing the top most layer of the skin. This may be referred to as the layer with dead skin cells and other forms of worn out skin.

The entertainment industry as well as media personalities recognize this treatment as a most effective one. Little wonder why actresses and celebrities are always looking so glossy and never appear to age. Dermaplaning takes care of peach fuzz, and improves cosmetic penetration in the skin. It is usually a first line treatment before the application of beauty products for maximum effect.

People often wonder on the safety of this procedure, owing to the fact that a very sharp medical scalpel is used for the procedure. This is why it is advised that you only go to certified health care and esthetic professionals. Who have undergone dermaplaning training and can boast of hands-on experience in performing this treatment.

Who should go for dermaplaning?

Unlike other beauty products and procedures, dermaplaning is for all skin types. The only possible exceptions are acne-prone skin, which is quite fragile and requires the recommendation of a dermatologist or skin professional for safer options.

Pregnant women and nursing mothers are often cautious of the beauty products they apply as these chemicals can be harsh or may find its way into the blood stream. Of course this can be harmful to the fetus or the new born. Dermaplaning is absolutely safe for these categories of women.