When the Happy Wheels game was launched into the market, a lot of us expected it to be just another driving/racing game that we have already seen before. The graphics are plain, simple and there is not much to expect from the gameplay that it is trying to present. However, when I was able to give Happy Wheels a try then I realized that there is a different twist to the game which is very interesting. This twist wasn’t discovered right away because the game was blocked from most countries until lately when I was able to try out Happy Wheels unblocked from a game site.001_happy-wheels What Makes Happy Wheels Unique and Special?

What makes Happy Wheels unique is that the game lets the players experience the real sensation of an accident whenever their cars suffer such mishap in the game. Bruises, broken bones, whiplash, falling unconscious and even death can be suffered by the player virtually depending on the severity of the car accident that he or she suffered due to his or her reckless driving. The controls to the game are also very simple to learn which gives you a reason to not crash your car after having a few tries of the game.001_maxresdefault

This is totally a different take on educating people on how to drive safely by letting them experience firsthand the consequences that they are going to suffer in case they get too reckless when driving. Aside from this perspective, Happy Wheels is totally entertaining and can be that type of game that can make it worth your while. You do not really have to spend lots of time just by playing it because 10 minutes or so can already be a good run for you to enjoy the game experience.

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