The things that make the external hard drive so unique are the same things that equally present it as disadvantageous. First of all, how many times do we go shopping for a “latest model” internal hard drive with a bigger space and a more stylish outlooks, the odds are at the least. Most of the time, if our internal hard drive has not malfunctioned, we do not feel the need to change it or upgrade to a new one, not even for a greater storage space, this is because it is inbuilt and we simply work with what we have.


The external hard drive has been created to subliminally drive up further thirst for newer versions. The sleek designs, the higher storage capacities of up to 8 whole terabytes is a total turn-on for media file freaks, and this in turn causes a lot of spending, so we can rightfully say that these things that simply keep our files and do nothing more than that, are not so pocket-friendly! We have hard drives that costs as much as over a thousand and five hundred dollars, heck! We might as well be purchasing precious stones in order to keep our files.Even at some of its over-priced ranges, do you know that it isn’t exactly perfect? Some overheat; some freeze; some just plainly drive you nuts with its slow speed!

This same reason of luxury is of course the only reason that while nobody would think of parting with your massive internal hard drive, even if it was recklessly kept outside your door, the same cannot be said for your deluxe little external hard drive – so much for sleekness. Perhaps our internal hard drives are much safer and not so prone to getting lost or stolen unlike its sexier little sister.