You want to buy the best product for your skin, but you’re caught between choosing lotion or cream. Both are said to bring outstanding results; hence, you’ve probably thought of buying any among the two. But in reality, there are significant differences between them which play factors in delivering results. If you want to be treated with BEC5, for example, then you’re eyeing cream instead of lotion.

And there are many other points you must know to make the best choice between them.

How do Skin Cream and Lotion Differ from Each Other

For starters, understand that lotion and cream are both made up of water and oil components. It has active ingredients for effective treatment as well. However, their main difference lies on the thickness of solution. Lotion is thinner since it carries more water, whereas cream has equal parts of water and oil.

Now, since lotions are thinner, they are easier to spread over your skin. The skin tends to absorb it faster too. Moreover, because of its more water content, this is perfect as a moisturizer especially for people with dry skin. It feels lighter on the skin as well.

On the other hand, skin cream feels heavier and slower to absorb on your skin. Thing is, its higher oil contents act as barrier for water to remain on the skin. Its oil carries more active ingredients than lotion too. This makes cream perfect for any seasons, since extreme weather doesn’t easily affect its compounds.

Thing is, because of high oil content, cream is generally not suggested for people with oily skin. Otherwise, this is perfect in getting substantial results, especially when you’re after certain effects from active ingredients.

There you have it. These are the main differences between lotion and cream. Keep these points in mind while making a choice.