About the disease:

Diabetes is a chronic metabolic diseases due to which there is high blood sugar level over a prolonged period of time. Many of its symptoms include frequent urination, increased thirst etc. Diabetes at an advanced stage can cause many complications and can lead to: cardiovascular diseases, strokes, chronic kidney failure and a host of other problems.

Diabetes is sometimes also referred to as the ‘silent killer’ because many people don’t realize they have diabetes until it’s too late. Diabetes is rampant among the middle-aged and even youngsters today are getting affected by this deadly disease. Most cases involve late diagnosis of the disease which exacerbates the condition even more. Therefore, people must be encouraged to have regular health-checkups to prevent this.


However, a permanent remedy of this dreadful disease has been found – dubbed as the ‘Diabetes Destroyer’.

What is Diabetes Destroyer?

The Diabetes Destroyer is a technique formulated by David Andrews that claims to completely remove diabetes among type 2 diabetes patients. He has written a book which explains in detail about diabetic nutrition and the lifestyle one must follow to get rid of diabetes completely. The specialized diabetes plan that comes along with the book promises to cure the disease and there’s no need to rely on Insulin or Metformin.

Now the question one must ask is: is this scheme real or phony? And the answer is, it’s very much real but it solely depends on how diligently the patient sticks to the routine.

This Diabetes Destroyer review relays the technique in the form of a three-step process.

Step 1:

The Diet Plan

This is the diet that you must follow for your body to get the necessary nutrients to kick start the pancreas – the organ responsible for insulin production. The book comes with the detailed description of necessary foods to take.


Step 2:  

Increasing Your Metabolism

Increasing one’s metabolism naturally increases the body’s insulin production. David Andrews provides a simple 30-second workout in his book which will keep your metabolism up throughout the day.

Step 3:

Meal timing


This is very crucial since it’s your meals that determine your blood sugar level. These steps include the schedule of your daily meals to keep your diabetes in check.

These three steps if followed religiously will put you on the right track to a speedy recovery.

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