Explore about the highly Adventure Based Experiential Learning programmes of FOCUS Adventure Training Centre. It is one of the region’s most extensively done outdoor adventure and thrill training facility, FOCUS provides with  programmes which is  very user friendly and flexible and banquet and conference packages can also be merged with the FOCUS programmes, luxurious accommodation can also be integrated in it.

On the basis of the fact that people learn most when they live the thing or activity they are involved in and become a part of it themselves. Experiential training in the corporate team building Singapore has been proved to drastically improve the skills of a team as well as an individual.

The quality one learns in corporate team building in Singapore are:

  1. Strategic planning:

People learn to plan strategies and get to know the best ways to come out of a worst situation in the best way possible.


  1. Communication:

People learn to communicate and share ideas and plans.

  1. Management:

Participants learn to manage resources under different situations and also to utilize them to the fullest.

  1. Decision making:

Participants learn to make important decisions when it come on there head i.e. when they actually face a difficult situation.

  1. Personal/ group motivation:

While performing tasks individually or in group, participants learn to appreciate the efforts.

  1. Initiative taking:

Participants when work in a team then they involve themselves in talking initiative of one or the other work.

  1. Leadership:

This is a quality that comes with responsibility and experience, and in teambuilding participants get both.

  1. Problem solving:

It is one of the most important ability one learns when they face crisis, and teambuilding makes the participants face many such situations.

  1. Communication:

When people work in a team then they learn how to communicate and teambuilding makes people learn it.

  1. Teambuilding:

This is one  of the most important quality that the participants learn in corporate team building Singapore.


Corporate team building Singapore also involves escape room which is one of the most popular activities in Singapore. We can make our corporate team building experiences adventurous and worth sharing i.e. we go for escape room activities. In team building escape room participates play in teams and they are locked in a room where they find some clues, they have to crack those codes and escape from the room, the game is not only about escaping from the room but also the race is against time, the team which can complete the task earlier wins the game.

Another company Rooms raider SG, provides the best events for corporate team building Singapore. The company provides such an atmosphere where the clients can get mixed with the staff so as to ease their equation.Also the company takes all the necessary steps so as to bring the necessary changes in the workforce and also enhances the capability of the workers to think out of the box i.e. something different and creative. The escape rooms are designed in such a way that the workforce can enhance their problem solving capabilities. At times the company also sees that the escape room also has problem solving involved so that the people can enhance their skills.

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