Selling your diamond is always an exciting and nervous moment. You never know what price you can get for it. Luxury buyers will ensure that you get the best price for your precious jewelry and this price will be the best in the market. You need to always remember that you can’t compare your pre-owned diamond to the price of one that is new. There will be a huge price difference since the price of pre owned diamonds are lower in comparison to the new ones. The sale of diamonds is different to that of gold and this is why you need to set a goal that is realistic.

Buenos Aires, Argentina --- Woman Examining A Diamond Ring. --- Image by © Latin Stock Collection/Corbis
Buenos Aires, Argentina — Woman Examining A Diamond Ring. — Image by © Latin Stock Collection/Corbis

You need to be prepared to accept the fact that the value of your diamond would have reduced to almost half the price from the time you bought it. The market for diamonds is constantly fluctuating. You need to check various evaluators in the market to know the value of your diamond. Various factors such as the clarity of the diamond, the age and the cut are taken into consideration before a final evaluation is made. You should also consider how soon you need the cash. If you are looking to sell the diamond on your own, you may be made to run from pillar to post trying to get the right evaluation and a certificate for the diamond.


Luxury buyers team of experts will give you a comprehensive evaluation and even provide you with an authentication certificate. Their constant evaluation of the market conditions makes them the best in the business and this has made them one of the most reputed buyers in the market. Luxury buyers also give customers the option to sell their diamonds online. They make the selling process for the customer extremely simple. They also guarantee the highest price in the market. This will give sellers the assurance that they haven’t lost out on any money. The team at luxury buyers instantly recognizes signature diamonds and offers a risk free selling experience.

Diamonds are highly desirable and people all over the world are crazy about them. They happen to be the most popular precious stones that you can own and are also the most expensive. While the craze for diamonds and jewelry has never gone down, there are times that you might own a piece of jewelry that has diamonds or loose diamonds that you’re looking to sell. People often sell off jewelry that reminds them of the past or when they need money, and if you’re planning to sell off your diamonds it is essential to contact the right people. Luxury Buyers has been dealing with buying diamonds for a long time and they have a reputed name in the market.

When selling diamonds, it is important to go with a company that is well established in the market. These companies will not dupe you or under pay you. One of the best things to do while selling diamonds is to get them graded. Luxury Buyers checks the grade of the diamonds you plan to sell, but it is always better for you, as an owner, to know the value and the grade of the diamond you plan to sell. If you have a grade certificate with your diamond you do not need to get it checked again, however if you don’t then grading the diamond before selling it is always better.

Once you’ve graded your diamond you will get a clear picture of what the price for the diamond is. Do not check the price of new diamonds since you will always be disappointed. The price of new diamonds and pre owned diamonds always differ by a huge margin, and while Luxury Buyers offer you the best price for pre owned diamonds, it will not be as good as a new one. Once you know what the value of your diamond is, you can check with a few sources that buy such pre owned diamonds. Do not randomly sell it to the first buyer you find. Instead, try to get a price from at least two to three buyers before you decide where you would like to sell your diamonds.

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