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YouTube is one of the hottest things on the internet today. After all, it is the 3rd most visited website and the largest video property in the world. Over 48 hours of video is uploaded on YouTube and 1 billion unique users visit the site in a month.

Find here the reasons for YouTube’s popularity is a no brainer – It is the only site where you can watch millions of videos, any time of the day for any number of times, totally free (You might need to pay for the internet connection!) What’s more interesting is that you can not only watch free videos non-stop but also upload your own videos and get Famous ‘In no time’. Yes, anyone can upload a YouTube video, and become an overnight sensation if the video goes ‘viral’. Isn’t it what happened to ‘Justin Beiber’ whose mom uploaded the video of his song ‘Baby’ before it went viral (Overly popular) and the singer became an instant star?

There are many other videos, that don’t show any talent, yet go viral due to their weirdness (‘Nyan Cat’ video) or Humor (Hungrybear’s Giant Double Rainbow video) or a strong message (Dove Real Beauty Sketches).

So what makes a video go viral? Who would explain it better than ‘YouTube’ Itself? Last Year in his talk on TEDYouth, Kevin Allocca, Trends Manager of YouTube (Who watches YouTube Videos professionally) shared his insights on the subject, which I found particularly interesting and worth sharing with you.

Here is the video of Kevin Allocca’s talk on TED Youth:

According to Kevin, There are 3 things that make a video go viral on the internet:

Tastemakers command a lot of clout on social media with their large number of fans or followers. Many times a video doesn’t get noticed until tastemakers share it with the world, like what happened in the case of Hungry Bear’s ‘Giant Double Rainbow’ video. The video was originally posted in January 2010, but it didn’t become so popular until Jimmy Kimmel, a late-night US Talk show host posted a Tweet with his over 1.6 million twitter followers. His Tweet read: My friend Todd has declared this the funniest video in the world- he might well be right-’’.

The same was the case of ‘Rebecca black’s Friday’ video. This video also didn’t become so popular until a tastemaker, in this case, Micheal J nelson, a famous Comedian sent this Tweet to his 19,000 followers:

 Let this be on your lips as you head into the weekend (it also answers the ? ‘’what’s the worst video ever made’’.

On the same day, Comedy Central series Tosh.0 also posted a link to the video under the heading ‘songwriting isn’t for everyone’.

These videos wouldn’t have become so popular if the social influencers or tastemakers hadn’t shared them with the world.

As Kevin said, a video wouldn’t become viral, if people are not talking, sharing, or doing things with it. So they make parody videos- their own versions, remixes- and in the process, amplify the message multiple times. Rebecca black’s Friday Video has thousands of parody videos on YouTube. And not just Friday, there are videos for all days of the week.

Nyan Cat video is a classic example of a mindless video that went viral. This video has over 100 million YouTube views as on date. (If you think that was weird, there is a 10 hours version of the video, which has over 25 million views) In this case, too, people made parody videos and remixes. So you have international Nyan Cat videos, Nyan Cat slow edition, Nyan Cat Dance, Kids’ reaction to Nyan cat, and several others- each video with millions of views.

All Viral videos share one thing in common – they all have a certain amount of ‘unexpectedness’ in themselves. Their unique content or the experience just catches you unawares.

Like in the case of Nyan Cat video, the idea was so unique and weirdly interesting that it caught everyone’s fancy, including mine. I have watched the video several times myself. The song is my phone’s ringtone now!

Another Example: Casey Neistat protested against a ticket he got for not riding in the bike lane in New York City and made a video on his experience. The video told his message in an interesting and amusing manner and has over 6 million views on YouTube as on date.

Although viral videos are seldom made to be viral, their ‘Uniqueness’ and ‘Unexpectedness’ generate so much interest in people, that they attract millions of views, shares, comments, embeds, mentions, or ‘Virality’.

So what it means to you?

Rising in the popularity charts now isn’t as difficult as it was 10 years ago. Today everyone has access to media, and with tools like YouTube, anyone can become popular within a few minutes. All you need is ‘creativity, Originality and Real Talent’. In this new age media, we all feel a certain amount of ownership in our own pop culture. No one has to greenlight our ideas anymore.

Kevin closed with this statement: ‘These are not characteristics of the old media, they are barely true of the media today, but they will certainly define the entertainment of the future’.

The old saying, “It’s hard to find good help these days,” is relevant in a lot of industries, but it has a special poignancy for businesses that are looking for someone to handle their social media. A lot of people know that it’s important for their company to have a social media presence, and they’re all too eager to hire the first person that applies for a position. Remember in the 1990s when everyone who had a webpage said that they were a web designer on their resume? Social media marketing has become the new website designer, and the truth is that it takes certain skills to properly manage different social media platforms. If you want to hire someone that you know can handle your social media needs, look for these attributes.

If you want to find a good social media company, don’t just look for one that has social media marketers on staff. That may sound counterintuitive, but marketers aren’t the only thing that you need to achieve an excellent and growing social media presence: you also need graphic designers who can make you high quality images that people want to share; you need people who understand SEO so that clients can find your social media accounts; you need writers who can craft shareable, interesting, and engaging content. It takes a multifaceted and integrated approach to properly manage social media, and if you find a company that can go beyond simply creating posts, you’re moving in the right direction. Hence, it is important that you are aware of the possible sources and tools that can help you manage your social media. One of these tools is This is one of the best places to buy Instagram followers so you can build your following and credibility. 

How would you feel if you noticed your doctor yawning and gazing at their cell phone right before they perform surgery? If just picturing that scenario makes you feel uncomfortable, imagine picking a company to handle your social media that doesn’t care about it. Social media is meant to be engaging, exciting, and overall enjoyable for the people creating what you’re sharing, as well as for those reading it. You’ll want a company that loves all things associated with the Internet and social media. Their excitement and dedication will help ensure that you’re only getting the best content and services.

In the world of social media, prompt responses and reactions are crucial. Memes and trends can be over almost as quickly as they started, and if you work with a social media company that can’t keep up with the fast pace of the Internet, you won’t be getting the kind of traffic and followers that you need. Ask if you can see some of the profiles they manage for their current clients, and see how relevant and up-to-date the posts are. If they’re talking about events weeks after they take place, or posting memes people haven’t laughed at in months, they aren’t the company for you.

If you want to gain followers and see your content being shared by others, you’re going to need to present it in a unique and entertaining way. Don’t hire a social media marketing provider that’s just going to make bland updates about your sales and company information. Look for companies that can make videos, create memes, and generally have fun when they make your content. If you find a company that takes pride in the way that they present their content, then they can handle managing your social media.

New Marketing is about listening to your customers, joining their conversations, and giving them something to talk about.

After reading Tibi Puius’ post, which aptly describes social media and social media marketing, I consider it expedient to expand upon the fundamentals of social media marketing by describing the 5 elemental activities that make-up a fruitful social media movement.

Social networking websites are easy to maintain, but many companies and brands still hesitate to use Social Media to advance their business. On the other hand, there are brands that use Social Media blindly, without any clear intention or goal. It is true that many companies use the Internet to promote their brand and their business; in fact, Social Media and Internet marketing strategies have been part of the mainstream for the longest tine that they already considered as two of the main marketing tools. Even multimillion companies use the Internet to promote their brand and their products, although Internet-based marketing strategies are often regarded as alternatives to mainstream business strategies. You look closely, however, and you would see that the objectives of brand and companies in using Social Media are integrated within basic and important business functions. Here are five of the basic objectives you can pursue in Social Media, and what type of basic business function it relates to.

  1. Listen to your customers. Listening to your customers is one of the most important and worthwhile objectives to pursue in Social Media; in fact, it is considered as one of the basic strategies you can do on the Social Media for the benefit of your brand. For example, you post a blog entry on your company website regarding a particular product or service. You can instantly see the reactions and comments of visitors through the blog’s comment function. This can help your consumer research department since it can make monitoring the conversations of various consumers, as well as their preference and reactions, easier and much more effective. This can be used instead of traditional surveys, which can be strenuous and costly. Listening to customers works best for companies who actively seek the insight of their consumers. Are You Looking to Buy Real YouTube Subscribers,likes, views or comments? Then proper research is required through the people. The selection of the right one is done with the skills and intelligence to promote the products. Listening to the experts will meet with the desired results. 
  1. Talk directly to your customers. Besides listening to customers, you can also respond to the customers directly; in a way, this function is similar to marketing, except the process is two-way, instead of the outbound communication done in traditional marketing. You can instantly respond to comments and issues raised by a customer through the comment page of a blog or a thread in a forum. When you talk to a customer directly, you are not merely talking to the person who raised the issue; in effect, you are talking to everyone who has access to that content, which makes the communication more like an open forum more than a private conversation.
  1. Energize the market. In this objective, you make your most eager and most enthusiastic customers help sell the product to each other through word of mouth. This is how viral videos work; enthusiastic viewers send the view to other people, who will send the video to other people as well. Enthusiastic customers will share the information you provide to other people who are interested in your product or service, which could help further your sales. Word of mouth using the functions and features of Social Media has been used by companies as a means to spread information regarding a product. Of course, this strategy has been used for ages, but Social Media has made it easier since it enables people to send information to a number of people at a time.
  1. Provide your customers with a venue to support each other. Since Social Media engages people to interact with one other, this is a perfect venue for your customers to support each other through the formation of forums, groups, and other related functions. This is especially true when the customers of a certain product have a natural affinity for one another, and where a level of support or camaraderie can help further the business. An example: video game console buyers are naturally inclined to go online and search for Social Media groups so they can interact with other console players.

  1. Incorporate your customers. If you need to integrate the feedback of your customers, their output and reference, Social Media is the best way to embrace your customers so you can seamlessly integrate them into the very function of your business. This, however, can only be done if you have already succeeded in the four previous objectives, making it the most challenging (but also the most rewarding) out of all the basic objectives to pursue in Social Media.

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most potential portals to drive in sales for your brand. Whether you wish to target sales from local customers or international ones, Instagram promises excellent exposure and business prospects. The post below offers a brief guide on how to boost sales through Instagram posts.

Don’t be too pushy

First things first, Instagram is essentially a social platform and not a shopping portal. So, you will only drive away potential customers if your posts are too salesy. It’s because pushy posts do not complement the “social” ethos of Instagram. So, it would be better if you don’t mention the price of products on every post. Rather focus on visually appealing photos and videos of your products that will highlight the awesome features and function of your offerings.

Go for lifestyle photos

Enrich your posts with photos layered by life-inspired backgrounds. For example, say you run a fashion store which wants promote the latest collection of earrings. So, create photos with models decked up in those cool earrings and matching attires. It will offer a real-life visual of how amazing one would look in those earrings and inspire more views. A higher number of views usually signals better chances of conversion.

Invest in purchased views

If you want to boost sales through Instagram posts you need to show a higher number of views. A large volume of views indicate this particular post is worth the time and contains something of value. Such beliefs essentially bring in more viewers who promise high chances of conversion. It’s advised to buy views to boost your viewer-base and increase your popularity quotient. Who Needs Instagram Views?All accounts will benefit from bought views, especially those who are new on Insta. It’s difficult to generate a higher volume of views organically if you are new on Instagram.

Finally, amp up your posts with location marker, relevant hashtag and a crisp caption.

Last year “branding” was the buzzword tossed around marketing circles, but how many business start-ups have a clear perspective of what branding really is?

The most productive way to think of branding is as an action. It includes any effort made to “build a brand.” The process of building a brand includes many goals such as: creating a resonant mental picture or “brand image” in the consumer’s mind; organizing the name, trademark, social media presence, brand image, and corporate culture into a clear “brand identity”; and eventually (hopefully) serving a consumer base that experiences “brand loyalty,” which grows “brand equity.” So you see branding is like a living tree with many branches that require tending.

In Marty Neumeier’s book The Brand Gap he hammers home an important point of brand strategy. “A brand is not what you say it is. It’s what they say it is.” They being the potential customer.

Response to brands is emotional. The selection of one product over another is often a knee jerk reaction governed by gut feelings and instinct. Every time a consumer walks the aisles of a store they are preparing to cast a vote. No matter how much is invested in expensive market analysis, it is impossible to predict exactly how the general public will receive a new brand. For this reason, having the public involved in the planning and development stages of branding can be key to avoiding a branding disaster.

Make use of social media like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter to reach out to your customer base and niche demographic. It may be a little scary at first, but you should allow unfiltered comments on elements such as design, color, packaging, slogan, reach, and impact before it’s too late to make changes. By making social media contacts the first touch point for a brand, you are building consumer interest and transferring a sense of ownership to the consumer before the product even reaches the market. Also, gathering feedback from someone with distance from the brand can sometimes bring a fresh perspective and open the door to a new creative direction.

Let’s use a hypothetical example from the beverage industry. What if an energy drink bottler with a strong social media following allowed the public to vote on the color scheme, slogan, or even logo of the labels for a new drink? Maybe a promotion could also be held on Facebook to think up new flavors. How much more anticipation and brand loyalty would there be for that drink when it reaches the convenience store shelves?

Here’s an example of using Facebook in a creative way to build brand loyalty by bike parts manufacturer SRAM

The laws of branding dictate that the public ultimately defines the brand anyway. Why not move the tipping point forward a few stages and invite the public into the design and strategy process through the open channels of social networks and viral marketing?

It is not a question of which of the two, facebook and twitter, is the more popular brand but the fact that both are two main branches of social media that rule the roost today, thereby leaving no room for fake news or planted stories to suit a particular narrative. Another one in this field is instagram which has taken media to another level with many people searching online for the best site to buy instagram followers.

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After having all of those good things from FBB, you can then see the great effects it can give you! You’ll surely be happy with the advantages and benefits you can have for your brand, without putting too much time, effort and hassles just to gather lots of followers, likes and views.

One of the best ways to market your business these days is online. A number of online users have confessed that they spend an average of an hour a day on social media websites and ignoring these websites can cost you a lot of potential customers. While there are a number of online marketing methods that companies offer, happens to be one of the most popular website that has some amazing solutions that not only help your business grow, but also help you get the right exposure and help to target the right audience that will prove to be beneficial for your business. If you’re wondering why you should think about online marketing and social media marketing, here are a few reasons that you should consider.001_20151006113329-shutterstock-218622694

Target The Right Customers

One of the leading benefits that mentions about social media marketing is that you can target the right customers based on your business type. For example, if you are a fashion brand that manufactures clothes for younger women, you can choose your target audience accordingly. You can also choose the areas you want to target. This helps to get you maximum exposure in the areas that actually matter.

Brand Value002_image

According to, a number of people spend an average of an hour on social media websites which means that your business has the maximum potential of gaining the right exposure on those platforms. When your business name keeps coming up, it increases the brand value of your business and it becomes a known name. Even though a customer might not need your products or services now, the fact that they have seen your name online helps them to remember it and when they are looking for companies that provide the services you are offering, there’s a strong chance that they will come to you.


A recent survey conformed that most people tend to trust businesses that have an online presence and advertise on social media. This means your business automatically becomes more reliable and people rely on your services. This is one of the best things for a new business that is struggling to establish a brand name for them in the market. When you advertise on social media, most people believe that you are a strong brand and they automatically trust the services you provide.

Online Presence

One of the best things about online and social media marketing is that it helps you establish a strong online presence. According to, this not only helps is establishing a strong brand name for the business, but is also very helpful in SEO. Constantly appearing online helps your business gets ranked higher in comparison to the competitors and this means you will get more business. All the SEO efforts that you put into your website will finally prove to be successful and your business will climb up the search engine ladder in no time. While conventional advertisement methods are tough and very difficult to follow, social media marketing is easy and user friendly.