The statistics are staggering: the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website reports that over 70 million people in the US are challenged with continuing sleep difficulties. When you don’t get enough sleep, your mental health could be affected in a number of ways:

You might eat too much,    You could suffer from depression,    Your mood might be cranky, and Your emotional well-being could be poor.

Your mental health is intricately tied to your sleep habits. Think about it, if you’re not getting enough sleep and have developed chronic health disorders (like obesity, for example), you’re going to suffer considerable mental distress due to the long list of difficulties related to having and dealing with those health disorders.

To further emphasize the intimate connection between sleep and emotional health, the relationship also works in the other direction. If you’re experiencing a lot of stress or suffering from one of a number of various mental issues, such as anxiety or depression, your sleep will be negatively affected.

Therefore, it’s up to you to take every step you can to obtain restful sleep every single night to preserve your mental health. In your efforts to sleep blissfully, consider some of the following suggestions (National Sleep Foundation website):

Have a good mattress. Although this tip sounds like a no-brainer, you’d be surprised at the number of people who sleep on mattresses that don’t fit their needs. Once your mattress is in its 8th year of use, it’s time to begin researching and shopping for your next new mattress. Look for a mattress that’s supportive, yet comfortable. Don’t forget to have pillows you love.

Set the stage for sleep. Think of your bedroom as a relaxing sanctuary. Design and equip it as such. Avoid clutter or a lot of possessions in the room that will gather dust.

Speaking of dust, do everything possible to keep the room clean and dust-free. Damp-dust furniture and surfaces at least weekly. You’ll breathe better at night, which means you’ll likely sleep better.

Avoid caffeine. Although some sleep experts say not to use caffeine for 3 or 4 hours before bedtime, others stress it can stay in your body for up to 12 hours or even longer. Your best bet is to de-caffeinate. Even if you’re one of those people who says, “Caffeine doesn’t bother me,” you’re going to be absolutely shocked if you ever truly decide to go off it. Remember, caffeine is a drug and it’s going to affect you whether you believe it does or not. It’s happening and it’s likely negatively impacting your sleep.

Recognize alcohol and nicotine disrupt sleep. The fact is that alcohol-although a sedative-prevents you from getting deep-stage sleep, which means you’ll wake up more. Nicotine is actually a mild stimulant, which will hamper efforts to go to sleep. Nicotine withdrawal during the night disrupts sleep. Plus, nicotine use increases bad dreams and makes you feel draggier in the mornings.

Take part in exercise every day, completing your routine 4-6 hours before bed. Exercise can jazz you up a bit and make it more difficult to relax if done too close to bedtime. However, if you complete exercise every morning or afternoon, your sleep will most likely improve. Proper attention should be paid at the reviews to increase the strength at site. The body of the person will feel relaxed after the consumption of the pills as per prescribed through doctors. 

Pay attention to the temperature. More and more, researchers are finding out that if a bedroom is too warm, you won’t get good sleep. Think “cool.” The National Sleep Foundation website recommends keeping the temperature between 54 and 75 degrees for a good sleep.

Nix the television, electronic tablet, and smartphone at bedtime. Probably the toughest suggestion of all to follow, avoiding technology a couple of hours before bedtime is best for slumber. Try reading a good book instead.

The facts are clear: when you sleep better, you feel better physically and emotionally. For more info on how your mental health and sleep habits are entwined, visit the National Sleep Foundation website.

Thank goodness Vienna’s Kaffeehauskultur has remained an enduring tradition

I love Starbucks coffee. Sure, you can laugh about the craze of it all (Starbucks mania?) and the unavoidability of their shops and their steep prices and whatever else, but their coffee is great and the coffee that you get there tastes just amazing. As the Coffee roasted to perfection you get the very best taste and consistency with their coffee. And unfortunately, well, that’s where it stops. A Starbucks coffee house can certainly be a friendly enough place to spend a little time, but I’m not so sure anyone would want to spend half a day there. As a guest, I mean.

A Viennese Kaffeehaus (café) is different. It’s a whole different ballgame here. Here it is completely normal for a guest to linger around here for hours on end, reading newspapers and relaxing with a vengeance. Reading newspapers? Some customers have written books in these places. And the elegant and friendly Viennese waiters seem to go out of their way to encourage one’s long and leisurely stays, bringing the obligatory glasses of cold water and refilling them regularly. This Kaffeehauskultur (café culture) has a long tradition and is taken very seriously by the Viennese, you see.

Coffee in fact arrived in Europe through the gates of Vienna, so-to-speak. After the final Turkish siege of Vienna in 1683, a failed siege that would turn the fortunes for the Ottoman and establish the ascendancy of the Habsburg Empires, the beginning of a great relationship with Turkish coffee beans was established. And after a short period of trial and error and experimentation with milk and sugar, the wonderful Viennese coffee tradition was born. A new institution, the coffee house, found its way into European culture and these new establishments, not unlike the Starbucks coffee houses today, began to pop up everywhere.

The height of the Kaffeehauskultur was reached in the nineteenth century. It was during this period that artists, writers and famous political figures like Stefan Zweig, Gustav Klimt and Leon Trotsky came to represent the habitual coffee house guest, spending hour upon hour here in leisure, in work, or in deep discussion. By this time the Viennese coffee house model had spread all throughout the Austro-Hungarian Empire and a “coffee house network” of sorts had been firmly established in other European centers like Prague and Budapest, as well. After World War II, a period of decline began and some of the most famous Viennese coffee houses did indeed close, but the torch is still being carried on to this day by a number of traditional cafés that have managed to hang on and even prosper.

These places are worth a visit just to enjoy the furnishings and atmosphere alone. Everything has a warm and comfortable feel to it, a bit plushy and old-fashioned perhaps, but that’s the intention, I suppose. The whole idea seems to be about entering into an era that has long since passed, a time in history when time itself was seemingly available and a thoroughly enjoyable commodity, as well. Perhaps that is why these places are still so well-loved and staunchly defended by the Viennese and their guests. Perhaps, too, it is the wonderful selection of cakes, tarts and even small sausage dishes you can enjoy here, along with that wonderful selection of coffee, of course.

And some of the favorite and classic coffee concoctions include: Melange (coffee with lots of frothy milk), Einspänner (mocha in a glass served with whipped cream), Fiaker (mocha with brandy) and the Brauner (coffee with cream). And what about the cafés themselves? There are simply too many too mention individually but, having said that, there are also a few which are just simply too good not to mention individually:

Café Prückel

Stubenring 24

Café Demel

Kohlmarkt 14

Café Hawelka

Dorotheergasse 6

Café Schottenring

Schottenring 19

Café Museum

Operngasse 7

So enjoy that cup of Starbucks Latte of yours. But once the caffeine has started losing its effect, maybe it’s time to start giving some serious thought about taking a European vacation. A leisurely one, that is. Or, at the very least, make sure and book a few leisurely days during your stopover in Vienna. Believe me, you won’t regret it if you do.

The PSP was created a few years back, and it’s been generating a lot of attention, hype and appreciation. It was known as the first big-name, portable gaming system to be capable of completing tasks such as playing MP3s, playing videos (although only certain formats; sadly, it can’t play FLV videos), viewing photos (and taking them if you have the right application), surfing the Web with Wi-Fi and, of course, playing video games.

There’s a lot of reasons why you should buy a PSP, although you must be aware that some of the things listed below aren’t possible if you don’t have a custom firmware, which I’ll write a guide on how to get that later on. Anyway, here are what I consider the 10 top reasons to buy a PSP are.

  1. Homebrew:

Homebrew is by far the best reason to get a PSP. The possibilities for your PSP and things to do become almost limitless if you have Homebrew. There’s a whole lot of PSP game designers out there with a lot of different interests, which causes them to make different games that suit their wants, even needs, and if they want to (which they probably will) they can distribute their programs over the worldwide web. The types of Homebrew made range from homemade flash games that are playable on the PSP, to music creating programs, to emulators for systems such as Nintendo, Genesis, Atari, Playstation, and more. It can even be a calculator or a writing software. The possibilities are almost unlimited. The only downside is that you must have a firmware below 1.50 OR custom firmware, which isn’t very difficult to obtain anymore since the creation of the “Pandora’s Battery”.

  1. Emulator’s:

I’m not going to go into much detail with this, since they’re illegal, but besides them being illegal, a lot of people use them anyway. If you want to use emulator’s on your PSP and break the law, it’s your choice, though I encourage not to.

  1. Games:

The games for the PSP are considered the best Portable video games that have been made to this day. This is simply because of the astounding graphics that equal up to even that of the PS2, and also a big part is played in the fun factor of the games. The graphics for most of the games are really good, some are unbelievable, some average, and some games just don’t really focus on the graphics much. The games aren’t really as fun as the games that Nintendo makes, and besides that most of them are made for a teen audience, so if you’re below the age of 13 I’d imagine the graphics would appeal more, also the audio qualities.

  1. Internet:

It’s as simple as this: You can browse the internet on your PSP. If you’re away from home and you don’t have a computer, maybe you’re in a big city, there will most likely be a Wi-Fi hotspot around that you can use to access the internet. The browser is very user friendly and it’s pretty fast too. It supports Flash, animation, images, Javascript, and more. You can also download anything you want to a memory stick or the PSP system itself, though it only has 30 MB space, or 60 if you’re using a slim.

  1. Videos:

Another good reason to buy a PSP is it’s ability to play videos. The quality can reach up to very good, and the screen is a very good size to watch them on, it’s just the right size. If you want to watch an FLV file, there’s plenty of programs out there that can convert FLV video files to a form like MP4 so it can be viewed on your PSP.

  1. Music:

It’s a very good music player, no different from an iPod; the only limit is the amount of space you have. I suggest getting a 2GB memory card, depending on how many songs you want to carry.

  1. Portability:

It can be carried around pretty much everywhere without being a bother.

  1. Applications:

If you want to have an application that can carry things like an alarm, calculator, notepad, voice recorder, or something like that all in one, you can get a PSP. There’s plenty of homebrew that can support your situation.

  1. Price:

The price is only about $160 now, that’s a really great deal for something this good. It can do everything an Ipod can do (better than it too), and more. Expert advice to Buy pokemon go accounts that have less cost in comparison to the other accounts. The playing and purchasing of the video game should not go beyond the budget of the players.

  1. Durability:

It’s designed to be pretty stable and it will last you a really long time, so you probably wont ever have to buy a new one.

The On Gold Standard Dietary Supplement, 100% Instantized Whey is my choice of protein supplement. Though this is not a power booster like the BSN Syntha-6 it is by far better than other protein drinks. Those of you who like Ovaltine will find it more acceptable because it looks like the dilutee version of Ovaltine in taste and texture. I would recommend this for amateur fitness freaks and for those who work out moderately. I am a mother of two and drink this primarily to balance the nitrogen and protein requirement.

I don’t understand why people complain a lot about the not so tasty protein drinks. The dietary supplements are mainly formulated for adults and they are supposed to know the fat that as the taste of the drink increases it will not benefit the body. To make the protein drink taste better more amount of sugar and fats are added and it goes without saying that these will act totally against the basic premise of working out in gym. Moreover these are made for mature people and they should have the brain to think that they are not kids to crave for sweet tasting dietary supplements like milk shake.

Taking in to consideration of the weird taste of whey powder, the On Gold comes with different interesting flavors to mask the original distaste. It is available in Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate Mint, Double Rich chocolate and Cookies and Cream. Based on the amount of the fluid that goes in to the preparation of drink it will be thick or watery. I prefer the Cookies and Cream with the full grain texture that tastes like a thick viscous shake. To make it vibrant I add some fresh fruits like apple, banana and top it with coconut scraps.

This is economical and going by the ingredients at the back of the bottle this is one amazing drink and probably no other supplement is as good as this under this price. This can be mixed in milk, water or even beverages like soda. I have a problem with the mixing ability of this powder. Though it is Instantized whey and designed to mix instantly, it has not completely succeeded in this aspect. It is definitely better than the original On gold that had to be necessarily run in blender to get mixed.

To improve the blending factor, first take a spoon of the powder and mix it in half a glass of milk. Stir it continuously with fast and vigorous motion to make a uniform paste like thick consistency. One you sure that there is no un-dissolved mass of powder at the bottom of glass, add remaining amount of milk and stir. This delivers more amount of protein with less calories, carbohydrates and fats.

To sum up, gold standard is one of the best supplements that you can find that makes your body fit and healthy, with no side effects in the bargain and it is not your regular green juice powder that has to be necessarily taken all the time. What differentiates it from other supplements is that it can be taken on alternate days and it won’t have any drawbacks as once your body starts getting accustomed to it, the responses are there for all to see.

The “green living” and “sustainable living” buzzwords are everywhere today. But what does it really mean to live green?

There are as many definitions of “living green” as there are people on this fair planet, but here are a few key points to keep in mind if you want to live a greener life.

All hail the carbon footprint. Your “carbon footprint” is a measurement of how much energy you use and how that translates into the energy emissions that affect climate change and the creation of greenhouse gases. The smaller your carbon footprint, the less effect you’re having on the planet. Being “carbon neutral” is the goal-but not many people in today’s world will reach it. The key is to try to minimize our damage, before it’s too late.

Drive green-if you have to drive at all. Take a bike or use your feet if you can. If you’ve got too far to go, consider public transportation, a SmartCar, an electric vehicle, or a hybrid that uses a mix of electricity and traditional fossil fuels (like the ever-popular Prius).

Work green. Green your work life as well as your home life. Telecommute (at least part time) if it’s reasonable-that means working from home using internet connectivity instead of driving to work every day. You’ll reduce your carbon emissions and actually increase your productivity (if you’re spending time working instead of sitting in a traffic jam!).

Green the house. Only you can decide how far to take the “green living” ethic. Whether that means swapping your detergents and cleaners for green alternatives that don’t use harsh chemicals, or whether that means going all-out and installing energy-efficient appliances, you’ll protect your own health, keep your heating/AC bills down, and feel a sense of pride in the little things you’re doing to protect the planet.

Eat green. Eating sustainable or organic foods may be healthier for you-but it’s also healthier for the planet. Industrial agricultural practices dump chemicals into our groundwater, encourage antibiotic-resistant disease, and even change the genetic structure of the foods we eat in ways that couldn’t be duplicated outside of a high-tech lab. When you make the choice to eat green, you protect your health and that of the entire human species. It’s worth a few extra bucks.

Beware Greenwashing. Increasingly, big businesses are advertising little green changes that may mask bigger environmentally damaging problems. Wal-Mart may sell some green products, but their combined impact on overall carbon emissions doesn’t come close to the carbon footprint the company racks up manufacturing and then shipping cheaply-made products across long distances. Be a savvy consumer, and know the overall impact of the products you purchase. The impact of the immunoglobin concentrate supplement will be excellent in the body of the person. The purchasing should be done with proper information should be available with the person. The charges will be as per the budget of the person.

People who live green are trying to bring human systems into balance with a scale that can work with the planet’s ecological systems-in other words, protecting the environment and therefore also protecting long-term human health and economic sustainability. Reducing waste and consumption, building sustainable food systems, and minimizing our long-term damage to the planet are the keys to living green. It’s up to each of us to find small, manageable, long-lasting ways to really make an impact for the better.

My life is made better by a few simple gadgets that are available to everyone. My cell phone, digital camera, photo retouching software, music player and networking site complete my life. Here is a little more information that will show you what exactly they are, and why I love them so much.

No more searching for service, worrying about being able to check my email, or sitting bored waiting for something more interesting to happen. My Droid Eris from Verizon Wireless offers internet and email support. Now I can keep up with who is contacting me via email wherever I am. I also love that I never have to worry about reception. My Eris gets great reception nearly everywhere I go. I am a huge camper and I even get service in most mountain areas. But the greatest thing about my phone is its applications. I’m constantly searching for the newest and coolest apps. A few of my favorites are the red box codes app, the solitaire app, the Tetris app, and the list app. I purchased my Droid Eris on an upgrade, so it only cost me $20. All of these features and information make my cell phone the number one thing I could not live without.

Coming in at a close second, in the running for my most needed gadget, is my Kodak EasyShare camera. It is the Z1285 and I love it because I purchased it for right around $250. It has lasted me over a year and a half now and is still in great condition. It has a 5x optical zoom allowing me to take pictures of things that are relatively far away. It also takes great pictures of things in motion. I have used it for many sports events, air shows, and action shots. I have also used it to document my artwork and I have taken engagement, senior, and family pictures with it. This camera has 12 megapixels and is a high definition camera. It goes absolutely everywhere that I do.

The next technology that I just must have is my Adobe Photoshop program. This allows me to work with the pictures I take as well as pictures others take. I have designed many announcements and invitations, as well as retouched old photos for many people. Much of what makes this program so wonderful is its “curves”, “brightness and contrast”, ” saturation”, and “color balance” capabilities. I would suggest anyone looking to alter photos use this program as it is user-friendly and there are numerous free tutorials online that can help you accomplish nearly any task you want. This program costs around $430 and is well worth the money.

Yes, my iPod has to make my list. I run with it, drive with it, work with it, sing with it and shower with it. I have the iPod nano. It has 16 GB, which is plenty for me. I don’t use it for movies or pictures, just music. This little gadget enhances my life because I love music and this is an easy and convenient way to take that music everywhere with me. I bought this item for about $150.

Facebook, I check this networking site at least once every day. I love that it keeps me in touch with people that I would otherwise not stay in touch with. I stay up to date with my friends’ activities by going through the pictures they post and reading their status updates. Facebook is free and it makes me be a better friend. I never forget birthdays, anniversaries, or events anymore. I love it.

Everyone has items that they feel they must have, these are just a few you could add to your list. If you still want more gadgets for yourself that you can include in your life, then you will find a long and detailed list on

Hiring a professional tree removal service is a really easy task with services like that are there. However, it is really important that you pay attention to what you should be looking for in a tree removal service before you hire one.

  1. Make sure that the company you hire has a valid insurance policy that will cover you financially in case you face any damage to your property during the process of tree removal. Moreover, there are companies that get their workers insured, this is why you should be paying attention to all these details before you choose any of the tree removal services.
  2. There are tons of factors that are responsible for the pricing of the service. This is why as you hire any service make sure that you ask them for a detailed price breakdown of their service, this will give you a fair idea of what you are charged for and what factors are responsible for determining the overall cost.
  3. The piece of equipment that these services use plays a vital role in the productivity and efficiency of their service. Make sure that the service provider that you choose has all the lastest and safe equipment for their work.
  4. The credibility and experience of the professional that you hire are also really important. All this will tell you how efficient the workers are with their tasks and how reliable they are when it comes to the main task.
  5. References can be really helpful if you are looking for a tree removal service, as with reference you will get a reliable service provider based on one of your friend’s experience.
  6. Timing is another important thing that you should be looking at, it is really important that you ask your service provider about the time at which they are going to operate and if that time is suitable for your neighbors or not.

These are some of the most important things that you should be keeping in your mind as you hire a professional tree removal service.

It is really important that if you are facing problems like gynecomastia you should immediately switch to a healthier lifestyle and start your workout sessions as soon as possible. Using other methods should be last on your list. However, if the problem is way too serious then you should check out the best pills for gynecomastia that are there in the market. Well, coming back to your workout plan, here are some of the best exercises that you can do in order to get rid of your extra fat.

  1. Push-ups
    Doing push-up is a great way to reduce the extra fat that gets accumulated on your chest area. This is one of the simplest exercises that you can do in order to reduce fat without the use of any expensive equipment. However, make sure that you do this exercise properly and maintain proper posture while doing it.
  2. Dumbbell Flyes
    Another effective exercise that you can do that is equally effective as push-ups. Doing flyes with the help of dumbbells will allow you to burn the extra fat at a steady rate since this exercise mainly uses pectoral muscles.
  3. Yoga
    An excellent choice for people that do not like to work out and want to reduce their chest fat as soon as possible. Doing yoga for 20-30 minutes a day will not only help you in reducing your chest fat but will also help you in maintaining your whole body. There are tons of good yoga videos that are available online for free. You can watch these videos and follow the simple instructions there.

These are the simple exercises that you can follow in order to reduce your chest fat quickly. However, to make them more effective you should also switch your diet so that you can maximize the benefit of these exercises.

Google’s suite of cloud-based services could supplant traditional installed applications, and the launch of Chrome OS later this year should give you an idea of how it works in practice. Working solely in the cloud does pose a few security problems, though. Tying all Google’s services into one user account means that you can lose access to everything if you forget or fail to secure your password. Google’s aggregation of different services into one catch-all account also poses problems for privacy. In this walkthrough, we’ll show you how to secure all your settings.

1) Google creates a user account for anyone who registers for one of its services, although you may not be aware of it, or what it contains. Begin your security review by opening and signing in with the credentials for the Google service you use.

2) Your historical record of Google service gill use is shown on the Google account page under the ‘My products’ section. Manage the settings for each by using the appropriate links. Review your password recovery settings first by clicking ‘Change password recovery options’, located under Personal Settings. This screen is where you specify a second email address or mobile phone number to which password recovery information can be sent n the event of a security breach. This is useful not just if you forget your password, but also if someone else guesses it. You can use another Gmail address for the email address, but an address from another provider is a more sensible option; just make sure it’s an address with an inbox you can still access. You can also choose a password- reset security question, but choose one that only you can answer to avoid making things easy for account hackers. Click Save to return to the accounts summary screen when you’re done.

3) Click ‘Change authorized websites’ under Personal Settings to see which sites and applications have access to your Google account. Personalizing the search results at will create a corresponding entry here, as will opening a account or creating a Google Calendar. Third-party services such as Eye-Fi photo and video sharing may be listed. Revoke access to any site you don’t recognize, or don’t use, by clicking the appropriate link. Click My Account at the top-right when you’re done.

4) Google Dashboard shows the data that each Google service you’ve used stores about you. Click the ‘View data stored with this account’ link next to Dashboard on the Accounts screen to see it. You can’t close accounts with any of the listed services from this screen, but you can see which are active and manage their individual settings by clicking the links next to each. Click the My Account link in the top-right of the screen when you’ve finished fiddling.

5) Although Google services shouldn’t give away personal data without your explicit approval, your Google profile might. Profiles aren’t created automatically, but it’s easy to overlook a setting when one is manually enabled. Review your profile settings by clicking ‘Edit profile’ under Profile on the main Google accounts screen, If you don’t yet have one but would like to, click ‘Create a profile’. The ‘About me’ tab shows basic personal details. Anything entered here is publicly visible at . Even if all the fields are empty, the ‘Display my full name’, ‘Allow people to contact me’ and ‘Display the list of people I’m following’ options on the right of the page can give some details away, so consider disabling them and after that a user will receive torguard coupons which they can use for these types of concerns and its given to them for free.

. The bottom of this page also shows which websites have been linked to your profile (Twitter, LinkedIn and so on), along with the option to delete your profile.

6) The Photos tab lets you connect an online photo album to your account; the ‘Contact info’ tab is home to more concrete contact details – but only if you’ve entered them manually. Filling out these fields is useful if Google is your communication and social network hub, but it’s sensible to control who can see the information. Scroll to the bottom of this page and you’ll see options to limit access based on Google Contacts groups, though you may need to set up some suitable ones first. If no groups are enabled here, none of the information on the ‘Contact info’ page can be seen by anyone but you.

In the gaming world, you can possibly classify games into three main types. First are story-driven games, second is gameplay-driven and the last are combinations of the two. GTA 5 mods PS4 is a great example of the third type, so you can try it to understand what really are story-driven and gameplay-driven games. And in this article, you’d learn more about story-driven games. 

What are Story-Driven Games? 

In a nutshell, story-driven games are those which runs on a story instead of mere objectives. In GTA 5, for example, you’d see Michael and Trevor as two of the three main characters. Michael is a rich man with troubled past and suffers from a lot of family problems, whereas Trevor is a sadistic criminal. When you play the game, you’d experience different story depending on which character you’d choose, such as receiving different missions.



In contrast, gameplay-driven games focuses on things you must accomplish such as jumping, punching or using specific weapon to kill a boss monster. Story-driven games doesn’t have such factor, sic=since it’s up to you how you’d beat such opponent. 

How to Find the Best Story-Driven Games? 

Now, you see that story-driven games are certainly wonderful. But it’s quite a task to find the best one, since there are too many of them today. To help you up, try focusing on what genres of stories you favor reading in books or watching in films. That should lead you to the right genre of game which feature story-driven plot. 



Next, be sure it’s not story-based alone. One which carries elements of a gameplay-based game is better. Note that the story-driven plot would drive your emotions to finish the game, whereas gameplay keeps the excitement as you play. 

Yes, it’s amazing to learn that games have these classifications. And if you love reading stories, there’s no doubt you’d love story-driven games too. Find one which suits your taste now!