Established in 1856, Burberry introduces the newest winter collection of exquisite classic leather totes, satchels and shoulder designer handbags. Here are a few of Burberry’s newest winter collection of leather designer handbags.

Burberry Lauderdale Shoulder Bag

The Burberry Lauderdale Shoulder Bag is a lovely shoulder designer handbag with bronze calf leather. This beautiful designer handbag has dark nickel hardware, buckled shoulder strap with rings and ruched front pocket detail with Burberry logo plate at front.

Burberry Felday Demi Bag

The Burberry Felday Demi Bag has a flattering ruched detail design with buckled shoulder strap. This stylish demi handbag highlights a Burberry logo plate at front and unique classic patterns. The Burberry Felday Demi Bag is available in cooper and black calf leather.

Burberry Baby Beaton Bag

The Burberry Baby Beaton Bag has a beautiful dark nickel leather design, sliver tone hardware, buckled shoulder straps with cinched top with tassle detail. This appealing designer handbag highlights a nova check canvas detail at front and is available in berry red.

Burberry Signature Leather Trim Check Small Satchel

The Burberry Signature Leather Trim Check Small Satchel is a Burberry original with stunning black leather trim. This tasteful leather satchel handbag has tonal topstitching, gold tone hardware, top handles with rings and kick pleat front. The Burberry Signature Leather Trim Check Small Satchel features the Burberry House Check with Equestrian Knight logo, a zip top, inside zip and cell phone pockets. This classic leather satchel has a brown canvas lining available in the color chocolate.

Burberry Roll-up Carry All Tote

The Burberry Roll-up Carry All Tote is an excellent designer tote for all your personal items. This fashionable tote has a zip top, comfortable shoulder straps, pale trench with black nylon and leather trim. The Burberry Roll-up Carry All Tote boast the Burberry Signature Equestrian Knight embroidery on front and is available in the color crimson red.

 Burberry Trench Shoulder Bag

The Burberry Trench Shoulder Bag is an attractive designer handbag with gold tone hardware, tonal topstitching with gold tone hardware, tonal topstitching, buckled top handles with detachable shoulder strap for versatility. This trendy designer handbag has a belt detail with Burberry signature logo plate on front. The Burberry Trench shoulder handbag is available in the colors tan and black calf leather. For the shoulder bags, the selection of the bags at site will provide potential benefits. A logo will be present to indicate the luxurious tags. The design has been done to provide relief and ease to carry the bags at shoulders. 

If you are looking for the perfect luxurious leather designer handbag, visitBurberry online or your local upscale department store.

Regardless of how much we as fashionistas love to shop and fill our closets with lots of fabulous clothing, no one can deny that it is just as fabulous to save money. What you may not know it is that you can save money on your wardrobe just by stocking your closet with clothing essentials, pieces that can be interchanged with virtually any outfit. Adding clothing essentials to you closet will not only save you money, but it will widen your wardrobe variety, allowing you to fully utilize all of your wardrobe pieces to their full potential, and the best part is, many of these essentials won’t even cost you that much money. 

Wardrobe Essential #1: The Dress Shirt 

The dress shirt is the classic wardrobe staple, and one that can be worn with virtually anything. From a great suit to a nice fitting pair of jeans, the dress shirt is the perfect top. White is normally the best color for a dress shirt, and for maximum versatility, the cut should be fitted. However, if you’d like to, add a Black and a Blue dress shirt to the mix as well. They look amazing paired with cardigans, under tank tops and sweater vests, are simply worn by themselves, so no matter where you go, or what you are doing, the classic dress shirt is always a good choice. 

Wardrobe Essential #2: Black Dress Pants 

Yet another wardrobe necessity, a well-fitting pair of black dress pants is like a treasure chest for your closet. Adding this clothing essential to you closet opens up tons of outfit opportunities, both for work and play. When looking to add black dress pants to your wardrobe, remember to pay close attention to the fit and length of the pant. The pant leg should not be too wide or too narrow; you may want to opt for a narrow bootcut pant that can be dressed up for work or dressed down for casual days. The back of the pant should hit right at your heel, or a little below, but if you tend to wear more high heeled shoes than flats, you may want to get a pant in a longer length that fits over your heel. 

Wardrobe Essential #3: The Trench Coat 

When the weather is a bit chilly, it is always good to have a fashionable overcoat or top layer handy. The trench coat is perfect in this capacity instead of wearing a Burqa which will not protect you from winter climates. Not only does it do the job of keeping you warm and comfortable, it also adds an air of polished sophistication to any outfit, whether dressy or casual. Having a trench coat in your wardrobe prepares you for chilly days, and even days when the weather just doesn’t want to cooperate, such as that surprise rainstorm, since many trench coats are already, or can be, waterproofed. 

These essentials, plus the others mentioned in this series, will not only round out and complete your wardrobe, they’ll save you money and allow you to use more of your wardrobe than you do now. Read parts 2 and 3 for more wardrobe essentials.