The films listed below are among many I’ve seen. None of them really made me glad or proud to have paid the expense of a ticket. Each film was disappointing in some fashion, whether it be in the way or ways they were executed or just in general principle. Never the less, this is the list of recent movies you should really try to avoid.

The Wicker Man (2006) – Starring Nic Cage (Leaving Las Vegas), this movie is like a bad trip. It’s got witches but no witchcraft. It’s got understandable suspense but no plot. It’s a mess that the filmmakers should be ashamed of. When Nic Cage’s character is caught, you hope to God the witches kill him soon so this horrible attempt at a scary movie ends quickly. For more on this big, stinky pile of crap, read my full Wicker Man review.

The Black Dahlia – Starring Josh Hartnett (Pearl Harbor), Scarlett Johansson (Lost in Translation), and Hilary Swank (Million Dollar Baby), The Black Dahlia is a big waste of money. Not only is it predictable, not only does it feature bland, lifeless characters, but everyone and everything looks, and sounds bleak. It looks like they’re trying to say everyone who’s anyone is sick, depraved, and selfish. While “Bucky” Bleichert (Hartnett) is trying to identify the murder of a woman, desperate to get ahead in the movies, he’s got to tackle such obstacles as a sexy and seductive young woman in Kay Lake (Johansson), the wiles of a tawdry and illusive rich young woman in Madeleine Linscott (Swank). Then, among other things, director Brian De Palma tries to copy some of the same tastes, colors, and nuances of this writer’s other big movie, LA Confidential. Not only does this feel like every other period mystery since Chinatown, but it’s depressing too.

The Covenant – Starring Steve Strait (Sky High), this teen-with-super-powers movie feels like Cruel Intentions and Skulls meet Sky High. It’s contrived. The effects aren’t as great as they looked on the trailers. The screenplay sounds like more like a Lindsay Lohan horror film than something intelligent. If you want to see a freaky film with intelligence and super powers, rent Final Destination. Plus, these vampiritic, mischievous teens are less appealing than Gary Oldman as Count Dracula himself.

Crank – Starring Jason Statham (The Transporter) plays a hit man who has to keep his adrenaline up or he will die. While the concept sounds sort of cool, the way in which the story was executed is crazy and unclear. There is a serious problem with the cameraman. He doesn’t seem to have the ability to hold the camera straight. In effect, much of the action is choppy, bouncing, blurred, and maybe even too fast for the human eye. This has been a problem with most of the other recent action films, but this time it seems the filmmakers hit a new low. Crank is definitely not worth the price of admission.

Gridiron Gang – Starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson (Walking Tall), this movie turns out to be more of an idea than a feel-good movie. With the exception of main character John Porter (Johnson), its characters are unsympathetic and uninteresting. After the recent, much more effective, Invincible, this concept feels recycled. Football coach, John Porter tries to teach a group of juvenile delinquents how to work together and play together while also giving them a sense that they’re worth more than they think. If I was going to make a movie of this kind, I would not going about it by showing these players’ crimes. It sort of beats down any hope of empathy. Now if you want to see a film for less money with similar ideas that is actually effective, rent either the original Longest Yard or the most recent Adam Sandler adaptation.

The Last Kiss – Starring Zach Braff (best known for his role on the TV series, Scrubs), The Last Kiss doesn’t exactly deliver the laugh in which previews promise, and the film ultimately becomes dull with the lack of a sense of humor. That is the only reason this otherwise well-made film is on this list. It’s got a nice idea, it’s got some great characters with some fine acting. But, the screenplay starts to feel like the dry stuffing of a gym mat. In beginning, the script shares a few laughs with the audience – whether it is or isn’t executed correcty – and the whole film just seems to become stale toward the end. For drama, this is not bad. But even some of the greatest, most serious dramas in the history of movies had a better sense of humor.

This has been the worst year for Hollywood, with flops pouring out from everywhere and cinema has truly reached a nadir that there are no hopes for its future prospects as there are numerous films, other than the ones mentioned above, that make you thank the almighty that you’re still alive after coming out of theatres. Its much better to tune into cyberflix apk and watch old classics of the bygone era than the travesty that are played out today in the name of cinema.

Finally, you have decided to buy the best turntable but getting confused with so many options available in the market. Finding an adequate turntable which fits your budget and demands is bit daunting task. Ideally, you need to pay attention to certain critical aspects which will help in distinguishing between a quality and an ordinary turntable.

Features – Although you will still find many record players that just spin vinyl but the latest ones are effective in having an iPod dock, USB connection and play CDs. It is always worth to invest your money in most advanced turntables as they will last for a long time. Outdated turntables or record players are of no use.


Sound – Amount of volume and sound quality is yet another feature which should be considered properly. If you are the man, who desires to shake your walls with bass, better is to buy some external speakers with the best turntable. On the other hand, if you want to listen and relax, most of the turntables would be fine.

Brand – There are many brands which are offering a range of turntables. You need to find out the cost-effective models which offer nice quality. Every brand has its own reputation and buying a turntable of reputed brand is the best choice.

Price – Last but not the least, price will always play a huge role in selecting the best turntable. If you have enough money in your hands, it would become possible to buy an adequate record player without any worries.


We have just focused on the most crucial aspects associated with the turntables. There are plenty more to discuss so keep searching and collecting information regarding best turntables available in the market. Take your time and make the call accordingly.

Currently, there are countless websites that stream videos, be it movies, songs or even live events. It may not always be possible to view the complete video online as you might have work or are travelling. Vidmate apk helps you overcome that obstacle. Download as many videos on your smartphone or tablet from the hundreds of streaming and sharing sites and watch them later without the need of an internet connection.vidmate Video Search Engine

This application not only allows you to download videos, but also search and view them from various websites. You can also download your favourite TV shows from many of the most popular channels. Sports, fashion, music, movies and many more channels can be accessed through this application. The application covers a wide array of videos in many different languages. The downloader also lets you choose the download format for the video you wish to get. It allows you to watch and download HD videos and also view live TV.vidmate-apk

Highlights of Vidmate

  • HD video download: Download HD videos from any of the hundreds os websites. You can also download videos in lesser formats to save space on your device.
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By default, Vidmate provides shortcuts for only the most popular video streaming and sharing sites, however, you can add shortcuts to many other websites of your choice.


All the downloads are organised in the virtual library according to download date, so that you don’t spend a lot of time looking for the downloaded video.

Operating System

Vidmate can be downloaded on smartphones and tablets running on Android. It can also be installed on mobile devices using other operating systems like iOS and Windows.

The application can also be installed on your laptop or computer.


Using Vidmate, you can also access many games and other applications for your entertainment.

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Stay Safe

Be careful of what you download. Downloading copyright content is illegal and can attract fines or legal action.

With technology slowly advancing, you are now able to take advantage of your smartphone in so many ways. With new features that are still advancing throughout the years, you will have a ton of things from that portable device of yours to strengthen and improve your lifestyle! From productivity apps down to fitness apps that help you improve your business and lifestyle, you will be able to make sure that you keep everything neat and in order. Your smartphone is also used as a form of communication, with you being able to interact and communicate with millions of people around the world, either through your network or the Internet and the popular social media websites.images_q=tbn_ANd9GcRbnbrILduFKAeX1h8yAHQJek8ICnRmhV9dkYTo5XqL8ZQgwNT__w

Another awesome thing about your smartphone is the fact that you are also able to entertain yourself with the various websites and apps available for you to have fun with. Through these apps, you are able to spend quality time by yourself or with loved ones. The only problem would be the app you will want to choose out of the many categories and types of games available for entertainment. Luckily, you can cut your search short and install Pokemon Go!pokemongobattle-800x671

What is Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is an app created by developers of the original game, aimed to have you explore your areas for various forms of Pokemon from your smartphone! The world is your oyster, and with that, you are able to use the app to capture Pokemon around your place in real time. With the use of AR technology, GPS, and high-end graphics, your smartphone will now be your Pokedex and avenue to detect Pokemon and capture them at the same time.

Not only will you be able to capture and study Pokemon, but you will also be able to battle with various Pokemon trainers, interacting with people around you. Through Pokestops and gyms, you are able to meet new people and find the same interests as them! You get to even create your own gym as you level up as well. And the calorie burn walking and exploring your surroundings reaps a lot of health benefits as well. So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of all the features and reminisce your days of Pokemon with the Pokemon Go app today! All it takes is a quick download and registration, and after that, you will be able to explore the word of Pokemon.

Games these days aren’t just for kids but can be enjoyed by adults too especially the kids at heart. Before the technological advances we have in our hands today, board games and card games used to be the best games available to play. But in recent years games have expanded to include virtual games such as those played with game consoles, computer games and even on smartphones. You can easily play a game you like basically whenever and wherever you wanted. They even had portable game devices like Nintendo’s game boy. A popular game lately is Pokemon Go which was recently released in selected countries this year. It is the reason why you are probably hearing news about people going around with their eyes glued on their phone screens. It is quite amusing to see people of all ages enjoying the game.3093797-6152351915-30931

Experience Augmented Reality

One of the reasons why this game became rather popular is because of its augmented reality capabilities. It allows the players to experience the game with the real world as a background. It is quite a fascination for most as it is the first of its kind. It allows the players to explore their location quite well as the game incorporates the player’s geographical location to the game. It’s impossible to advance in the game without going around your location. In fact, you must get around to be able to capture a Pokémon. Just staying in one spot definitely won’t cut it if you want to catch them all.03242016-169

Enjoying A Childhood Game

Having to walk around to hatch your Pokémon eggs can be physically beneficial to you too. You would be getting a good work out by walking around. You may not realize that you’ve walked a couple of miles in order to hatch the eggs or to catch Pokémon because you’re having fun. People are probably wondering why there are so many adults playing the game. Most of them enjoy the fact they are able to play their childhood game and somehow live out their childhood dream of being a Pokémaster. It is a whole new experience for them to be able to play their favorite game with augmented reality capabilities.

Pokémon Go’s popularity steadily increased from the moment it was released. In fact, Nintendo’s stocks experienced an instant jump during the game’s release. The news was also abuzz with the sudden influx of people playing the Pokémon Go game.

When the Happy Wheels game was launched into the market, a lot of us expected it to be just another driving/racing game that we have already seen before. The graphics are plain, simple and there is not much to expect from the gameplay that it is trying to present. However, when I was able to give Happy Wheels a try then I realized that there is a different twist to the game which is very interesting. This twist wasn’t discovered right away because the game was blocked from most countries until lately when I was able to try out Happy Wheels unblocked from a game site.001_happy-wheels What Makes Happy Wheels Unique and Special?

What makes Happy Wheels unique is that the game lets the players experience the real sensation of an accident whenever their cars suffer such mishap in the game. Bruises, broken bones, whiplash, falling unconscious and even death can be suffered by the player virtually depending on the severity of the car accident that he or she suffered due to his or her reckless driving. The controls to the game are also very simple to learn which gives you a reason to not crash your car after having a few tries of the game.001_maxresdefault

This is totally a different take on educating people on how to drive safely by letting them experience firsthand the consequences that they are going to suffer in case they get too reckless when driving. Aside from this perspective, Happy Wheels is totally entertaining and can be that type of game that can make it worth your while. You do not really have to spend lots of time just by playing it because 10 minutes or so can already be a good run for you to enjoy the game experience.

Buddhism also known as the road to nirvana. Here are the three basic concepts of Buddhism. There are some places in nirvana Singapore where you can attain power to get rid of your sufferings.

  1. The selfless man

In Buddhism the concept of ‘self’ is nothing but is an illusion. The term anatta which is very commonly used in Buddhism is composed of elements that are body, sensation, perception, will and consciousness. These elements are in a constant state of change but the following elements create the not self-illusion of continuity.


  1. Rebirth or Resurrection

As per Buddhist thoughts death of a bodily self leads to disaggregation of their re birth into another self which neither totally different nor fully identical from previous birth. An analogy is often used by many people to describe resurrection that is passing of a flame from one candle to another. That is why nirvana in Buddhism is described as the end of all the sufferings.

  1. Heaven or Nibbana

The cycle of rebirth can be broken if the hanging self is able to pass its subjective image of the world, which are both unconscious and unconscious. Consciousness is a sequence of conscious moments. Each moment of an individual’s life consists of an experience, or of the individual’s mind state such as thought, feeling, and perceptions. Rebirth is nothing but the persistence of these moments and that is how the process goes on.

Comparison of Hinduism and Buddhist doctrine


The Buddhist doctrine should not be mixed up with the Hinduism doctrine especially when it is about reincarnation. In Hindu doctrine they emphasise on ‘atma’ and its presence even after the death of the body. It is believed that after the death of the body the atma of the body resides among us for a while, usually to fulfil their unfinished desire they stay back and once their desire is fulfilled they leave for heaven.

The same is believed in Singapore doctrine, that even after death of a human being their spirits or ‘atma’ resides among us. They often show up to their near and dear ones. The sprits protect their close ones.

In today’s fast paced world, there is very little time to sit in front of the television and watch your favorite serials and movies. Gone are the days when the whole family sits together for dinner and watches television while spending quality time together. Today the only time that we get is when we are travelling or having lunch at work. This is where Pinoy Tambayan plays a big role. You no longer have to miss out on your favorite serials just because you are too busy. With an online streaming application on your smartphone, entertainment is now at your fingertips. You do not have to bother about running out of space on your phone by downloading too many serials. Online streaming has taken away that stress and made life a lot simpler.

thats my amboy pinoy tambayan

Pinoy Tambayan or Pinoy TV is one of the largest television channels in Philippines and people there love the serials, movies and reality shows the channel broadcasts. However, considering how busy people are these days, it is tough for them to catch up on their favorite television shows regularly. This is why Pinoy Tambayan has introduced the free streaming app. This app enables users to watch all their favorite shows and serials whenever they like. You can also choose from a large list of some of the best movies and watch if at your convenience.


The app allows you to watch your favorite shows whenever you like. You can do this while traveling, while lying in bed or even when you have some spare time at work. You no longer need to wait to get home to watch the recorded version of the serial or wait for the repeat telecast to air. One of the best things about the Pinoy Tambayan app is that you do not need to download data and this helps to save a lot of space on your device.

ShowBox is the free movie streaming application for Android and iOS devices. This application enables the users to stream free movies online on their device or on personal computer system. So, users simply need to download the application online and accomplish their entertainment needs without paying a single penny. This video streaming application not just only offer movies for streaming, but also provide you with the feature to stream TV shows for free and in HD quality. So, if you are planning to enhance the entertainment factors for your devices, then ShowBox App would be the ultimate way for you to look forward.

However, this movie streaming application is not made available through App Store. You need to download the application by visiting the website or from some reliable sources. To download the application from unknown sources or from website, it is essential for the users to know the process of downloading the application.


The Steps that Need to be Undertaken

  • Firstly, you are required to visit the settings tab of your device, go to security and turn on the future of unknown sources. This way you can easily download the application from the sources rather than Google Play Store. This is crucial to download the application from unknown sources.
  • Secondly, you need to visit the website or the source from where you want to download the application. Click the designated link to download the APK file of ShowBox.
  • After the download is completed, open the file and install the application on your device.
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The Benefits of ShowBox Application

To stream high definition movies on your device you often pay $10 for each movie and the cost is higher if you want to watch the latest movies. So, rather than watching movies with money or visiting the theater for latest movies, you may simply download the ShowBox Application to watch free movies online in HD quality without paying anything. This application has the biggest inventory of HD quality movies, and excellent TV shows for you. Simply, browse across the collection of movies and TV Shows it has and start streaming them through your device anytime and from anywhere. There are several other benefits that one can enjoy with ShowBox.

Soap operas have been in vogue ever since the time of its evolution in our lives!! Bringing amusement and entertainment in the day to day routines of many individuals, the soap operas have ben loved and adored by many and especially the house wives. It is basically a television series that is put to broadcast after the noon time and with the passing days, they are followed by the experiences of the different in the enormous world of fiction.Gaby-Blaaser-GTST-640x230 The primary focus of attention in the soap operas are the emotional relationships and the interactions among the characters that play the significant roles in the same and lay an intensified impact on the target audience. Interwining of some of the story lines is common and eventually there comes an unambiguous end to the storyline.

Antiquity of soap operas

In the historic year of 1993, the very first soap opera was brought into the picture and ever since it gained immense populace by the target audience. A fifteen minutes airtime was purchased by Proctor and Gamble respectively who are the US soap manufacturers. From the total fifteen minutes, twelve of them were brought into usage for a specific radio drama series and the remaining three were highlighted as an advertisement for the exquisite soap brand that is none other the Oxydol.gtst-shortie-6-april-2016-goede-tijden-slechte-tijden-youtube-thumbnail

The derivation of the name soap opera has evolved from the well-known American soap opera. For the first time these specific broadcasts were accomplished on the radio and the sponsorship was managed by the soap manufacturers who were in favour of listening or watching the same. In past two decades, the phenomenon of soap opera has been in the trend as there are many televisions channels which magnanimously broadcast the same and have managed to captivate the attention of the audience efficiently.

Here in this piece of brief annotation, we would like to draw your attention towards the longest running and likeable dutch opera that was introduced on 1st October 1990 on the platform of RTL4 namely Good times Bad times GTST. The engaging script of the two seasons on the very first note finds its basis from the Australian series that is typically referred to as the Restless years. The derivation of the main characters was engraved from the same series and they gained populace immensely. It became a remarkable success and managed to engross the attention of the audience for a long span of time. From the year 1991 to 1995, GTST, Good Times, Bad Ties was given the prestige to be nominated for a renowned award that is Gouden Televizier Ring and fortunately in 1995, it won this prominent award and mounted high on the charts of popularity.

Ever since its launch in the television world, the show has commenced a new season every year after the super smashing summer break. At the very end of the month August, A live event of GTST is held where a platform is provisioned to the fans of the opera in order to let them meet their favourite actors and also excitingly get a glimpse of what all is happening behind the scenes. It is also a great platform to watch the most awaited first episode of the refreshing new season even before it is put on the broadcast session at the television.

What is GTST all about?

Synonymous to the series of the famous The Restless Years, in GTST, the first four seasons shifts its focus to the group of lively young people who have just completed their graduation. Each one of them in the youth have their own specific and peculiar issues and certain emotional stories that undoubtedly touch the hearts of the audience as the they deal with the elements of career, success, failure and the most complicated love. As the meaningful title says, the viewers get an invite to get a peek through the on-going good as well as the bad times throughout the lives of the characters. Interestingly but also coming as a twist, the focus shifted to the family of Albert since majority of the actors of the show were prominent members of that particular family.

Mounting high on the charts of popularity!

In Netherlands, GTST has gained much populace with a phenomenal number of over 2 million viewers who really love to watch the opera with their family or beloved ones.  Even after the successful run of 25 episodes, the specific 2500th episode that was on air on 23 March 2003 and with an overwhelming response, it is the most watched and liked episode with a phenomenal number of over 2.7 million viewers. Considering the fact that Netherlands depicted only a population of 16 million at that particular time, 2.7 million was a significant number. Unfortunately in the year 2008, the prominent show hit the bottom rocks as the audience was not able to make a connection with the personages in the soap opera GTST and therefore they came up with the idea to make it more original and realistic and subsequently it worked for good and managed to engage the attention of the audience to a greater level. Bringing joy and appreciation to the creators, in the year 2012, the flourishing show had its ever possible rating ever since the time of its introduction in the past six years

Overview of the Good Times and Bad times 

The soap has its prime focus on the lives of the prominent families of Alberts, De Jong, Sanders, Bouwhuis and Van Houten.  All the functional aspects of the show have taken place in the specific fictional town of Meerdijk. Akin to any other soap series, the prominent ingredients of the show are love, marriage, divorce, business, kidnapping and a lot more which makes the game even more interesting and fascinating. Although, it has been noticed in the recent years, the soap opera of GTST has shifted to further controversial storylines that appeal to the target audience of today.

With a lot of twists and turns, the show has managed to win the heart of the audience and gain their praise and appreciation to a phenomenal level.