Digital Currency


What are the factors that contribute to the rise and fall of anything? Why is it so that one who has reached the top after a long and enduring struggle, there comes a time when he plunges straight to the bottom? Why does destiny have to be so cruel?

These are the questions that come to the mind of every individual who has walked the face of this earth and who is now irrelevant to the entire world after he worked long and hard to become ‘somebody’ from being a ‘nobody’ or ‘anybody’.

This has become the part and parcel of our life cycle and there is no respite or escape from it. Why talk of humans, even lifeless and inanimate objects are no exceptions as they too go through the same phase and are destined to meet the fate of their inventors.

The crypto-currency or digital currency became a revolution of sorts when it came into existence. Its new age factor helped it become the darling of the younger generation who, being unemployed, grabbed on to this opportunity like fish to water.

Bitcoin came to the top soon after its launch and after some peak years, quickly came sliding down faster than you could say the word ‘bitcoin’ and is today in shambles due to various factors.

The bitcoin evolution is in its sunset phase due to high volatility but the price and liquidity is stagnant.

Due to digital cash still being viewed as a safe bet, it can be said to regain its lost glory if it changes its style and presentation with new norms as investors have grave reservations into place their trust into it due to its volatility.

In conclusion, bitcoin is facing an uncertain future due to the volatile factors but if it evolves with new changes, it may still sustain itself for a longer period.